What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Discord?

Discord is a text and chats application that serves as a great tool to use when connecting with friends, team members and even family. Gamers particularly love using this software for connecting within the periphery of games. People love Discord because its servers are structured and organized based on topics such as art, games, and other interests.  

Despite of Discord great features, like its low latency of voice and videos which gives a feeling of being in the same room with the person you are communicating with, it may have some security issues. There are more secure alternatives to Discord on the market that you can use. 

Below there are 4 other services that you can consider. Take a look at secure alternatives to Discord and their value offerings so that you can determine if they are better options for you.

Why Should You Consider Switching to a Secure Alternative to Discord?

Although gamers love Discord due to its fancy design among other reasons, this app may not be the most secure and reliable choice for professional use. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The User Interface is not professional.
  • This software does not have self-hosting.
  • There are frequent server raids.
  • Privacy is not prioritized, and your chats can be easily bombarded.

Secure Alternatives to Discord


If you are an online gamer, this is the app you can consider as a more secure alternative to Discord. This VoIP communication system promises to give you a clear sound and lag-free gaming experience. It is considered one of the most reliable apps in the market due to the features below:


  • Zero lags communication.
  • Clear and great quality sound where adjusting your mic volume and background noise cancellation happens automatically.
  • Choose who you want to talk to and which channels you want to be a part of.
  • It is a cloud-based service that simplifies syncing your settings across all your devices.
Troop Messenger

This is a perfect app for a small, medium, or a large team. It allows for good collaboration and communication in real-time.  It is a great tool to use to host virtual meetings, especially when working remotely. Some of the features of Troop Messenger are discussed below:


  • Shoutout: this allows users to broadcast messages to a large audience.
  • Burnout: you can have private chats with individuals from your team.
  • Forkout: you can pick members from your team whom you want to share a common message with.
  • Respond Later: this feature allows you to tag conversations you only want to respond to later.

This app is often referred to as one of the best team chat software. What makes it a secure Discord alternative is that it integrates with other useful third-party tools. GitHub, Trello and MailChimp are some of the tools integrated within Slack. Here are the top Slack features:


  • Easy to upload files to any channel over HTTPS. Simply drag and drop the files to upload.
  • User Interface (UI) is easy to understand and professional.
  • Allows you to ping people to get their attention quicker.
Microsoft Teams

This is another reliable and secure app to use as an alternative to Discord. Microsoft Teams is a powerful app to use in your business to collaborate, share files, host meetings and chat. These are some of its great features:


  • Group chat features allow users to set their statuses to away, available, busy, offline.
  • Easy to collaborate on files with built-in Office 365 apps such as SharePoint, Word, and Excel.
  • End-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance. These are all powered by Office 365.

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