What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Google Docs?

Google Docs is an online word processor that is part of the free Google Docs Editors suite given by Google. Google Docs is a web-based tool that can be accessed via a browser, as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS, and a desktop application for Google's Chrome operating system.

The ability to collaborate in real-time with other users to create and modify documents online is a significant feature of Google Docs. A user's revision history is kept track of when they make edits, and these changes are shown. A permissions system restricts what other users can do when the color and cursor of an editor's position are highlighted. New machine learning features, such as "Explore," which delivers search results based on the contents of a document, and "Action items," which allow users to delegate tasks to other users, have been included as part of the updates.

Secure Alternative to Google Docs


Many Internet users are familiar with Google's suite of online office apps. It's free, it offers a lot of features, and it works with other Google services. Google isn't trusted by everyone, particularly those who worry about the security of their personal information.

CryptPad is an amazing secure alternative online office suite for privacy-conscious consumers.

In keeping with the cryptic name, CryptPad is all about encrypting data. Your personal private key encrypts all of your data in the cloud. Sounds good? Let's take a closer look.

CryptPad has everything from a text editor to a whiteboard to a kanban board.

If you use the official instance to sign up for the service, you should get 50 MB of storage (CryptDrive). In the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, CryptPad's free storage capacity was increased to 1 GB, allowing more people to utilize the program while working from home. Because of this, the amount of free storage may fluctuate when you view this article.

Furthermore, all your documents are secure on the client-side so no information about them is known to the server.

It is totally free to start using the service - but once you reach the limit on storage and the number of documents you can create, you will have to upgrade to a paid account.

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How Can I Make the Google Docs Alternative Even More Secure?

CryptPad, our Google Docs alternative,  was created with the goal of allowing collaboration while keeping data confidential. Your browser encrypts and decrypts all material. This implies that documents, conversations, and files are inaccessible outside of the logged-in session. For additional protection, you may use a VPN if you're still worried about CryptPad's security. 

A VPN transforms a public internet connection into a secure private network that protects your online privacy and anonymity. When you use a VPN, you may hide your real identity online. Using a VPN protects your online activity by encrypting all data sent between your computer and the VPN server.

A VPN establishes a tunnel that covers your internet activities, such as the links you visit and the files you download, from cybercriminals, companies, government agencies, and other third parties.

The VPN industry has grown from a niche to an over-flowing market in the last few years. Many providers are taking advantage of the general public's increased fears about monitoring and cybercrime, making it difficult to distinguish whether a firm is offering a beneficial service versus selling snake oil. To save time, we suggest using KeepSolid's VPN Unlimited.

Benefits of VPN Unlimited

The following are some of the advantages of using VPN Unlimited.

More than 3000 servers across 80 locations

VPN Unlimited has servers in over 80 different locations across the globe. This delivers a number of major advantages to our users. Because these servers aren't overloaded, you'll have plenty of bandwidth. Connections to servers are always fast and have low pings.

The no-log policy

There is a legal need that all service providers, including VPNs, to provide data on their customers to the appropriate authorities. However, VPN Unlimited does not collect or store any of your personal data or activity records!

Unlimited devices

Get four for the price of one! Or, if you'd like, you may connect as many devices as you want to our VPN with just one account. You may use any kind of device (laptop, mobile phone, or tablet) or platform (macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS).

Is there a manual available that explains how to set up and operate the software?

Sure! Each platform's documentation includes comprehensive how-to guides.

How do I connect to a VPN?

Open the VPN Unlimited app on your phone, or another device. Enter your username and password, or create a new account, then choose a VPN server from the list, and tap the Start button.

Is it possible to add two-factor authentication to my account?

Yes, it is possible. In your KeepSolid User Office, you may activate this additional degree of account security.

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