What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Siri?

Mobile phones get SMARTer every day. They have become an extension of us, serving as pocket computers, alarm clocks, notebooks, dictionaries, etc. Unlike several years ago, you can now have a mobile phone and easily do without a PC or laptop.

One of the phenomenal features that are developed for smartphones is virtual assistants like Siri. Siri by Apple uses a natural-language interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and more. Over continued usage, Siri learns the user’s individual language and preferences, providing personalized results. But is there a Siri equivalent for platforms other than those developed by apple?

Siri was the first digital assistant that became popular, but it’s not the most secure option. Even iPhone users sometimes shun Siri to try different apps that are more secure. While there is no Android version of Siri, here are five good apps to use as a Siri alternative. Read to the end to learn about our best solution to make the online traffic secure a private.

Best Siri Alternatives

Google Assistant

If you use Android and want a useful Siri alternative, try Google Assistant. This solution comes as a default app on most Android phones. You can launch it by holding the home button on your Android device, or access it by saying “Hey Google”.

Google Assistant can schedule appointments and answer questions for you. It takes the idea of digital personal assistant to the next level by making reservations or placing calls on your behalf.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon has revolutionized the e-Commerce world, and Alexa is Amazon’s idea of virtual assistance materialized. Alexa was originally a tabletop assistant for your home, but you can have it on your phone too.

Amazon’s virtual assistance will easily incorporate into your life by helping you set timers and alarms, tell the weather, answer your questions, and even be your personal trainer. Alexa will work with other devices that support it, such as a coffee maker that’s synched with Alexa.


Hound is a practical alternative to Siri, as well as to the bigger virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hound can help you do all the regular tasks like setting alarms and timers, telling the news and the weather, and calling or texting contacts. But it can also assist you in carrying out advanced tasks, like looking up Sushi restaurants rated only 4+ stars within 1 mile away from you. It can find songs’ names, search random questions, and even book an Uber for you.


Robin is a great virtual assistant if you are looking for a more secure alternative to Siri, and you don’t want to share your data with companies like Google or Amazon. Robin comes in handy when you're driving, and you find yourself in need of an assistant to help you out. Robin can play different playlists, send messages for you, set reminders and alarms, help you with directions, and more.


DataBot is a good alternative for Siri's wit and fun. On the more useful side, it can help you customize multimedia presentations, answer informational queries through Google searches, and be your secretary. You can use DataBot for your daily horoscope if you give the app your birthday. It can tell jokes, give inspirational quotes, and engage your brain with riddles and puzzles.

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