What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Thunderbird?

When Ray Tomlinson came up with the idea for email back in 1971, it was a new method to communicate electronically, particularly for corporations. And now emails are being sent at a rate of 269 billion each day. The majority of us check our emails on a regular basis.

Netscape Navigator, a web browser and email client in one, was introduced in 1994 in response to the increasing popularity of the internet during that decade. A newer version of Netscape Communicator was released in 1997 to take its place. The Mozilla Project was launched in 1998 when the firm open-sourced the project and established a new community of developers.

The Mozilla Application Suite was eventually thinned down and made more responsive by dividing into Firefox and Thunderbird. 2004 was the year that both were released. Firefox is still being actively developed after all these years, whereas Thunderbird's development stopped in 2012.

Nonetheless, in 2022, Thunderbird is still one of the top free email programs on the market. What is the point of using an outdated program that won't be updated? Is there a secure alternative available in the present day? Is it still a safe and secure email software?

Secure Alternatives to Thunderbird


Using Spark's simplified interface, you'll be able to quickly identify what's vital. When you use the Smart Inbox feature, it puts the messages you've already read to the bottom of the list. Filtering out newsletters, it displays pinned (or marked) messages prominently.

Quick Reply makes it easy to react to a message. Emails may be snoozed or scheduled as well. Configurable swipe actions make it simple to mark, archive, and file emails fast.

However, the program does not provide any kind of rule-based structure. Search results may be narrowed down with the use of advanced search criteria. Spam is hidden from view by a spam filter. Spark may be ideal for Mac users who want an email client that is fast and responsive.


For Mac users, Airmail provides a comparable solution. In terms of performance and usability, it's a terrific compromise.

Airmail Pro's goal is to provide the best of both worlds for its users' convenience. There are a lot of Spark's workflow features here, including snooze and a smart inbox. Many of Thunderbird's sophisticated capabilities, including email filtering, rules, and a wide range of search criteria, are also available here.

The usage of folders, flags, and tags, is just the beginning of effective email organizing. You may use Airmail as a rudimentary task organizer by marking messages as To Do, Done or Memo.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is pre-installed with Microsoft Office and works seamlessly with the rest of Microsoft's apps. It has a comparable feature set as Thunderbird and is currently being developed. As opposed to Thunderbird, it may be used on mobile devices.

Outlook, on the other hand, has the appearance and feel of Microsoft Word and Excel, making it a more modern alternative to Thunderbird. It has a ribbon bar that provides access to several of the most often used functions.

Email rules and advanced searching are similar to Thunderbird's. It has a wide range of add-ons that allow you to tailor the app to your needs.

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