How to Access SoundCloud If It Is Blocked

The internet is a broad world that is very hard to navigate. However, one thing is for sure: we all have the right to have access to good music anytime, anywhere, but due to some bans that are not always possible. VPN is the best way to access music platforms, such as SoundCloud, which is restricted in some countries.

To further enlighten this matter, we are going to discuss in this article the following details:

  • Where is SoundCloud blocked and why
  • How to access SoundCloud if it is blocked
  • How to unblock SoundCloud with VPN
  • Why VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for SoundCloud

Where SoundCloud is Blocked

SoundCloud is one of the biggest music platforms in the world. It allows musicians from all over the world to share their work and is among the best streaming music markets.

However, SoundCloud is banned in some countries such as:

  • China. SoundCloud has been blocked in China since 2014. In fact, China has a secure Firewall that regulates China’s network and it is extremely difficult to bypass.
  • Turkey. After a huge corruption scandal in Turkey, many SoundCloud users reported not being able to access it anymore. It occurs because of the censorship imposed after the scandal.
  • Kazakhstan. SoundCloud has been blocked in Kazakhstan since 2018 after the nation’s Supreme Court ordered the blocking of SoundCloud and 19 other websites and accused them of being extremist.
  • Kyrgyzstan. Just like in Kazakhstan, SoundCloud has also been blocked in Kyrgyzstan in 2018 after the Supreme Court accused it of being extremist.

SoundCloud is also banned in many countries in the Middle East.

How Can One Access SoundCloud with VPN Unlimited

Music is one of the most important parts of one’s everyday life. We all deserve a few minutes a day to just sit, relax, and enjoy some good music to help us refill our energy tank and be ready for upcoming adventures.

But let’s say you either live in one of the countries where SoundCloud is blocked, or you are staying there for a certain period. How will you be able to enjoy the good music that SoundCloud has to offer? Or what if you are a promising young musician and artist who would love to share his masterpiece with the world?

Thanks to VPN Unlimited, you don’t have to worry. This security solution makes all of that possible and even more.

What is a Virtual Private Network Solution

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a virtual point-to-point connection that extends from a private network to a public one allowing you to access safely and privately all sorts of websites, even the blocked one.

This solution works by hiding your actual IP address in a way to help you bypass online restrictions.

More about VPN technology

How to Access SoundCloud with VPN Unlimited

Accessing SoundCloud by using VPN Unlimited is, in fact, a piece of cake. It will take you no time to access it and you’ll get access to your favorite music in less than five minutes.


All you have to do is the following:


Step 1

Download VPN Unlimited on your device.


Step 2

Log in using your KeepSolid ID. If you don’t have one yet, you can create it directly in the app.


Step 3

Connect to any location where SoundCloud is available and not blocked. You can also change the country and city of your SoundCloud profile in the Edit section.


Step 4

Relax and stream your favorite music on SoundCloud! It is as easy as it gets!

Reasons to Get Started with VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is the leading VPN service in the market. It helps to bypass online restrictions, and also protects users’ identity and privacy, as well as ensures their online safety while listening to SoundCloud.

Moreover, it encrypts your sensitive information and protects you from any third parties. Everything mentioned above is merely what VPN Unlimited has to offer.

Absolute security

All of the data you send or receive along with your passwords, credentials, accounts, emails, and whatnot are 100% protected and secure from hackers and other third parties.

Guaranteed privacy

By hiding your IP address, VPN Unlimited protects you from hackers and advertisers. In such a way, all your internet activities stay untracked and anonymous.

Cyber security

VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense® cyber security bundle. This will keep you protected through credible apps that will improve your overall experience.

5-10 devices per account

With the price of one subscription, you can use VPN Unlimited on up to 5 or even 10 devices depending on your options. You can use it on any device or platform.

Subscription options

With VPN Unlimited, you can benefit from a 7-day free trial. You can also benefit from a Lifetime subscription plan and extend your plan with additional options.

Unmatched speed

With top-notch technologies, a fast browsing experience is guaranteed. Furthermore, thanks to the 80+ different locations, you can virtually travel all over the world.

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