How to Access Yandex When It Is Blocked

Along with the unclear censorship and supervision, multiple tracking methods on the internet, or just for privacy reasons, VPN has already become a must for many internet users. It is even the case when it comes to reaching

To find a way out of accessing Yandex, here we will discuss:

  • Where Yandex is available and blocked
  • How VPN can help you access Yandex safely 
  • How to access with VPN Unlimited 
  • Why is VPN Unlimited the best VPN for Yandex

Where Yandex is Available and Blocked

Yandex, the best-known and the most popular Russian search engine, is no doubt the largest technology company in Russia. It also offers a range of other internet products and services. According to Statcounter, in Russia, by July 2019, Yandex shared 48.79% of the search engine market.

Some features that made Yandex stands out:

  • Well-integrated ecosystem.

All Yandex’s products and services are integrated with its ecosystem, it provides effective and optimized services for the users.

  • Better adaptation to Russian.

As Yandex was designed for the Russian language, it has a big advantage in interpreting the contexts and meaning of Russian search queries.

  • Can be selected to be the default search engine in Android.

Android users can set Yandex as the default search engine in Russia from 2017.

Still, as good a service as Yandex, it has its shortcomings, the first one is it could be blocked. Even though the service itself can reach anywhere, it cannot control the mind of the local government. As a matter of fact, some areas are strict on blocking Yandex, here are some examples:

  • Ukraine. In Ukraine, Yandex has been banned since 2017 as part of the sanctions on Russia.
  • Iran. In Iran, authorities have blocked the Yandex international version in 2016.

How VPN Can Help You Access Yandex Safely

Imagine you are living or traveling to a country where you have no access to Yandex. No need to panic! Using a good VPN service like VPN Unlimited, you can easily break down geo-restrictions and access Yandex. The reason being is that most of the time is checking the IP address that corresponds to the physical location of your device and geo-blocking you. But a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) can encrypt your internet traffic and connect you to any of its secure servers globally. Thus, it enables you to have your IP address hidden behind a virtual one, this feature is essential for you to unblock Yandex and any other geo-restricted sites.

Optimize Your Online Experience Using VPN Unlimited

  • Break geo-restrictions and unblock your preferred services like Yandex
  • Protect your real identity and conceal your web traffic from cyber snoopers
  • Encrypt your sensitive information with the military-grade encryption
  • Mask your IP address and make sure your web traffic remains untraceable 
  • Stay safe when connected to public hotspots or other unsecured networks

Get Unrestricted Access to

Even in places where it’s blocked.

How to Access with VPN Unlimited

Complete a few steps to get free internet access and enjoy your fast, safe, and unrestricted searching on Yandex!


Step 1

Download VPN Unlimited and create a KeepSolid ID.


Step 2

Log in with your newly created KeepSolid ID.


Step 3

Connect to any VPN server location where Yandex is available.

Why VPN Unlimited Is the Best VPN for Yandex

Servers all around the world

With all the servers VPN Unlimited provided for you in more than 80 locations all over the world, you will be able to find many of them that can help you unblock Yandex, and you can choose a location that you prefer. Choose the servers that are not too crowded and suit you the best!

Multiple devices with 1 subscription

With VPN Unlimited, you can use your VPN service on up to 5 different devices with a single subscription. You can choose to buy more slots too. In this case, you will have access to Yandex on your desktop devices and your smartphones. You can even use our VPN for gaming and online streaming as our service can be installed on a router.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a brilliant feature that can automatically disconnect you from the internet as soon as it detects any issues. This can protect you in the case when random disruption occurs, and prevent you from being de-anonymized. You wouldn’t want that when you surf the web, our Kill Switch feature can provide you with another layer of security.

Security first

When using a VPN service, the first thing you care about is whether it’s safe; whether it will prevent you from cyber snoopers; and whether it will take care of your sensitive data. Luckily with VPN Unlimited, you are free from all these worries! Our service uses the top secured AES-256 encryption technique that can offer you broad protection.

Enjoy Your Free Web Experience with Our Best VPN

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