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How to Download Torrents on iPhone

Step-by-Step Guide on BitPort and Torrent Downloader VPN in 2020

Wondering how to download torrents on iPhone? Rejoice! This is actually easier and more accessible than it might seem. In the following thorough guide, you will learn:

  • how to use BitPort on iPhone
  • how to download torrents with VPN Unlimited
  • why use VPN for torrent downloads

Ever since iPhone 6 was released, Apple strived to provide it with all the best apps, services, entertainment, VPNs, etc. However, one specific type of services seems to have been eluding this platform - torrents and bittorrents for iPhone. This is not a coincidence, as you’ll see below. But, considering this, what is the best place to download torrents, and how does one download them on the iPhone then? Let’s figure it out!

Luckily, there is a reliable way to torrent on iOS. Even though it is understandably less convenient than if you could just download a dedicated app from iTunes, it’s certainly better than nothing.

Guide on how to download torrents on iPhone - 6 steps with BitPort

BitPort is one of the best services to download torrents for iPhone. It enables torrenting of whatever content you need - videos, music, texts, programs, games, etc. Obvious legal disclaimer: you should never use torrents for copyright abuse; only get files that either are officially free or you’ve bought. With that said, this is how to use BitPort to download torrents on iPhone in 6 easy steps:

  1. Take precautionary measures to protect your privacy when torrenting - use best VPN for torrenting by KeepSolid (more on why this is necessary - in the next paragraph)
  2. Proceed to a torrent tracker website like ThePirateBay or IsoHUNT, find the torrent you need, and copy its link
  3. Register a BitPort account on bitport.io
  4. Paste the torrent link to the respective text box and tap the Add New Torrent button
  5. Tap the download link once it appears and wait for the download to complete
  6. Alternatively, you can watch or listen some of the content right on the website, without downloading it

How to download torrents on iPhone securely using a VPN and why is this important?

In our piece on downloading torrents on iOS we’ve covered in details why using a VPN for torrenting is vital. We won’t dig into this too much here and recommend you to read that article instead.

In short, Apple goes goes to great length to fight piracy and protect copyright on their platforms. While a virtuous task by all means, their methods are more questionable. Apple simply banned all torrent apps from iTunes, thus throwing a roadblock not only for pirates, but also for any law-abiding users who wanted torrents on iPhone for their speed and convenience.

This crackdown extends as far as anyone who uses a torrent software for iPhone risking getting their information sent to ISPs, copyright companies, or even the FBI. Unless you wish to face such grim consequences of legally downloading torrents on the iPhone, it is highly recommended to secure your identity, personal information, and privacy with a dedicated VPN for torrenting, such as KeepSolid VPN Unlimited.

VPN for torrenting encrypts your traffic and routes it via a VPN server, thus reliably protecting it from any third parties and rendering the traffic untraceable. This is a must-have capability when torrenting on iPhone securely, and to stay away from the prying eyes of all sorts of observers.

Congratulations, you’re all set to download torrents on iPhone!

As you can see now, even with all major bittorrent apps banned from iTunes it’s still reliably easy to download torrents on iPhone. We hope that this guide proved useful to you, and you now perfectly know the best place to download torrents, services that allow this, and how to torrent download on iPhone securely. Stay safe, and don’t do anything illegal!

Never neglect the security of your torrenting on the iPhone!

Download KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for free and protect your sensitive data, privacy, and online traffic.