How to Download Torrents on Android

In-Depth Guide on Torrenting, Torrents Downloaders, and Best Torrent VPN for Android in 2023

Want to download torrents straight to your Android smartphone or tablet? Great news! This is easier that it might seem. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find out how to torrent files on Android, which are the best torrent apps, how to download torrents anonymously on Android, and how to use VPN Unlimited for torrenting. 

Can you download torrents on Android

If you need to download a large file, torrenting is a good way to do it. With its decentralized process, there isn’t a single server hosting the file, but dozens or even hundreds of different users who share bits of the file at a time.    

For most users, torrenting means using a computer or laptop to find and download torrent files, but you don’t necessarily need a PC for torrents. You can also use a portable device like your Android smartphone or tablet. Similar to downloading torrents on other platforms, there is an abundance of torrent clients for Android to choose from, including several from BitTorrent Inc, the company behind the BitTorrent protocol.

What is the best BitTorrent client for Android

As you know, to access torrent files you need a torrent client installed on your device. It is entirely possible to find and install torrent clients from the Google Play Store, or to load an APK file from your PC. You may be familiar with PC torrent clients like BitTorrent and uTorrent, but what’s an efficient torrent downloader for Android? 

See the list of most popular torrent downloaders for Android below:  

  • Flud
  • BitTorrent
  • uTorrent
  • TorrDroid
  • zetaTorrent
  • aTorrent
  • tTorrent Lite
  • FrostWire
  • FuTorrent

Why use VPN for torrenting on Android

What raises major concerns about torrenting is piracy. Torrents and BitTorrent technology themselves are considered legal. However, many torrent files can be subject to copyright laws and downloading such files can lead to legal consequences in most countries. Sometimes this may go as far as initiating court cases against individuals, suspected of copyright infringement. 

How can anybody figure out that you’re torrenting? Regardless of what type of device you’re using, your Android tablet or a smartphone, or a Windows PC, your torrent activity is public and can be tied back to your IP address which stays visible. All your online activities, including torrenting, can be monitored by your ISP. For an Android device, your ISP is your wireless carrier like Verizon, AT&T, etc.  

Fortunately, is quite easy to hide your IP address and torrenting from your ISP and any third parties. Just use a reliable VPN for torrenting like VPN Unlimited. Due to the specific servers optimized for torrenting, you can encrypt your traffic and ensure that your identity is anonymous and secures your data as you download torrents on your Android device.

How to download torrents safely and anonymously on Android

Connecting to a VPN itself anonymizes your online activities by encrypting traffic and hiding real IP. But what if there are any issues with your network and VPN connection drops? Your data may get exposed, including your torrenting activities. 

To avoid such a scenario, VPN Unlimited has the Kill Switch feature, that blocks access to the internet in case of a VPN connection disruption. With Kill Switch, the VPN Unlimited app reliably shields you from copyright enforcers while you download torrents on your Android phone or tablet. Learn more on this page and make sure to keep it enabled during your torrents downloads.

Another issue is pop-ups and inappropriate ads on torrent websites. Many of them contain harmful URLs that may infect your device. Fortunately, VPN Unlimited provides real-time filtering of your internet traffic and blocks harmful websites and links, protecting your device from malware infections.

Step-by-step guide for torrent download on Android


Open the VPN Unlimited app on your Android device and connect to a torrent server. You can find servers that support P2P download on the Servers screen > Torrent tab.  


Download and install an Android torrent client.


Open a torrent site in your mobile browser. Search for content you want to torrent: a movie, TV show, app, eBook, or whatever you want.

Alternatively, you can use the built-in search function of your BitTorrent app for Android. This may be convenient, but visiting a torrent site can give much more info about the torrents, helping you to find more high-quality content. Comments from other users may also help.


Start downloading a torrent on your Android device. For this, click on its magnet link or download the torrent file. As soon as you do so, your torrent client for Android should open automatically and start the download. 

That’s it! Once it’s downloaded, run or open your file in a suitable app.

Get the best VPN for torrenting on Android

Want to protect your privacy, traffic, and sensitive data? Download VPN Unlimited, connect to our torrent-friendly servers, and enjoy risk-free torrent download on your Android device!