Comparison of VPN Unlimited vs. Barracuda VPN

Some users considering the use of Virtual Private Networks are concerned about the tool's ability to evade regional restrictions and access blocked websites. It doesn't matter how strong the encryption is; virtual protocols must be reliable, and validation must be possible. This article compares VPN Unlimited with Barracuda VPN, followed by a quick look at the price for its subscriptions.

Comparison Table: VPN Unlimited vs. Barracuda VPN


VPN Unlimited

Barracuda VPN

Strength of encryption AES-256 AES-256
L2TP/IPsec protocols
OpenVPN® protocol
WireGuard® protocol
Two-factor authentication
Browser extension
Lifetime subscription
Free trial
Rating: 5 4

About Barracuda VPN Application

Do your remote employees need a solution to access your internal company applications, information, and network resources that are rapid, flexible, dependable, and entirely secure? Do they want to be able to do it from anywhere in the globe, at any time, on any device? Well, the Barracuda VPN offers the security and connection required to deliver this access, which may be accessed through a web browser or on nearly any mobile device.

Remote users may easily access corporate apps and files using the Barracuda VPN app. This solution, unlike other Virtual Private Network technologies, does not require any additional client software or sophisticated configurations. Only a web browser and an internet connection are required to log in from anywhere. Users are provided with a gateway of internal online apps or file sharing when they log in. Java users have access to more complex programs such as Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp. 

Subsequently, Barracuda VPN isn't your ordinary service, where most Virtual Private Network providers allow people to use virtual tunnels in obscene locations. Barracuda provides the hardware and software needed to set up this security solution on a company's network.

Barracuda VPN Price for the Packages Offered

Barracuda VPN comes in six different models. Model 180, 280, 380, 480, 680, and Model 880. Each model's total Barracuda VPN price includes a set price for the console, a necessary cost for 'Energize' upgrades, and an optional fee for immediate product replacement. The Energize updates, for example, keep virus definitions up to date, while the replacement mechanism guards against equipment failure. The Barracuda VPN price for a one-year membership is $2,886. Its price  is $7,376 for a three-year membership and $11,548 for a five-year membership.

The Barracuda VPN prices indicate that this app is not intended for individual users, but rather for businesses wishing to set up their own Virtual Private Network. All sales and associated inquiries are handled by Barracuda Networks via an online reseller Barraguard. They do not, however, allow internet purchases from countries other than the United States.

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Best Barracuda VPN Alternative in 2023

VPN Unlimited protects your online activities and critical information from hackers and cybercriminals. This tool is available to everyone who has access to the internet.

The following are some of the features of the VPN Unlimited app:

  • Bypassing internet restrictions
  • Data security on the internet
  • A single subscription can cover an unlimited number of devices
  • No data breaches or unintended information leaks
  • No risks associated with torrenting anonymously
  • Security on public WiFi networks
  • Use of a virtual IP address instead of a real one

Reviewing the Outstanding Alternative to Barracuda VPN

When compared to Barracuda VPN app, VPN Unlimited outperforms in many key areas. The security protocols are enhanced, all major browsers are supported, and other securities and privacy features are included. Read on to find out more.

Masking your IP address

You can simply troubleshoot internet connectivity difficulties and overcome any online constraints thanks to over 3000 servers situated in over 80 locations. Simply connect to the desired server location and mask your actual IP address by utilizing a virtual one.

No-log policy

Safeguarding consumers' online privacy is KeepSolid's priority. VPN Unlimited, as a consequence, does not keep track of your online activity. To guarantee that unauthorized parties and cybercriminals can not have access to your sensitive data, your Barracuda Virtual Private Network alternative does not trace your browsing history or downloaded files.

Customer support

VPN Unlimited's customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Live Chat is available at all times; simply click the Contact Us or Support button to get help. You may contact us at any time by writing an email at [email protected]. We are here to answer any questions you have regarding our service!

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