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Comparison Table of VPN Services: Butterfly VPN vs. VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited

Butterfly VPN

Two-factor authentication
Number of server locations 80+ 6
Encryption AES-256 ChaCha20
Kill Switch
Logging policy No logs No logs
Support torrenting
Customer support
WebRTC leak protection
Money-back guarantee 30 days 14 days
Lifetime plan
Pricing ($/month) $9.99 $1.99
Rating: 5 3

A Brief Butterfly VPN Review

In our review, Butterfly VPN is hardware that proposes unblocking of geo-restricted and censored sites, except Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The service claims to encrypt your online traffic using the ChaCha20 algorithm.

According to the Butterfly VPN review, this service offers below-average security. It doesn’t support special characters in passwords. The default password that they offer to the client is 12345678, which means that those users who are not used to changing the default passwords are open to numerous cyber threats.
It has a poor choice of server locations and not a wide range of features. The Butterfly is accessible only as a Chrome extension because iOS and Android are not supported. Hope that our Butterfly VPN review helped you to understand this service better and to make your decision whether to use it or not.

What Is the Best Alternative to Butterfly VPN

The Butterfly VPN often fails to meet the main needs of users. If you are looking for solid  service, you would better find a reliable alternative. VPN Unlimited is the first on the list. It provides plenty of advantages and features that are valuable for users.


No-log policy

VPN Unlimited does not check or collect your information, which includes personal information, sensitive data, history of visited sites, and your online activities in general. This service does its best for the complete anonymity of its users. When you choose a no-log Virtual Private Network app, you may feel certain that nobody can encroach on your online activity. Due to the no-log policy, the app does not associate your online activity with your email, account, device, or IP address.

Privacy and security

VPN Unlimited realizes a secure AES-256 encryption protocol to save your information. This protocol is strong enough to stop any cyberattacks and secure your sensitive data. It includes your request search, sensitive information, personnel files, and information about your online activities. After the encryption, this data becomes absolutely unreadable to any cybercriminals, spyware, or ISP surveillance systems. The users of our app should not even doubt the reliability of their protection.

Supported protocols

VPN Unlimited provides you with prime security, unbounded access to your favorite content, and supreme speed. Different protocols are used for different platforms. In case your network is blocked, choose the KeepSolid Wise protocol. And it unblocks access to any web content in Chrome browser and on other platforms.

Range of servers

Our alternative for Chrome possesses more than 3000 high-speed servers in 80+ locations of the world. The list of available servers is here. All servers are characterized by equal security and performance. According to the above review, Butterfly VPN does not have such an option.

What Characteristics Make Our Butterfly VPN Alternative the Best Choice

When you desire to find the best service, it is vitally important to match basic functions and investigate more about supplementary features of this app. Let us have a look at them.

Available platforms

VPN Unlimited reliably protects your connection on any device or platform. You can stay completely anonymous on different websites which you visit. Moreover, you can connect on your Android devices, mobile iOS, desktop macOS, or Windows PC, browser extension, and many other devices. Make use of our app to unblock any restricted content and do not worry about your security.

Customer support

If you have any issues, our customer support team will help you to solve them. With customer support 24/7/365, our app remains one of the best services. You can always contact us via [email protected] or using a Live Chat. We are ready to help you.

Wide range of settings

Compared to the Butterfly VPN, our app offers you additional services: personal clean IP address, personal virtual server, additional devices under one account, whatnot. Improved settings will permit you to install and use the app in the way you want. With our service, you can pick up a suitable protocol: OpenVPN®, IPSec, WireGuard®, and others. You may also turn on the Kill Switch feature, set different options, select an Auto Connect option. Butterfly VPN will not let you do any of the mentioned settings. As a result, it does not provide you with the best online experience.

Flexible pricing policy

What are the prices? Butterfly VPN price suggests the following options: 

  • USB stick – $79
  • USB stick with Quick charger and 3-in-1 charger – $105
  • Router for home – $89

The hardware goes with a 3-year subscription with no extra charge. In 3 years, the cost of a monthly subscription is $1.99. But Butterfly VPN price guarantees you only 14-day money-back. 

On the contrary, with VPN Unlimited, you may have a 30-day money-back. You should also keep in mind that even though the Butterfly VPN’s price is one of the lowest, it does not guarantee the good quality of your internet experience. Before deciding on which  service to purchase, compare not only Butterfly VPN prices but also the features and options it offers.

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