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Comparison Table: Hola VPN vs. VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited

Hola VPN

Browser Support Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge
App Available Desktop and mobile Desktop and mobile
Encryption AES-256 AES-256 (only for premium users)
Kill Switch
Number of devices per one account Unlimited 10
30-day money-back
Lifetime plan
Protocols OpenVPN, WireGuard Undisclosed
1st-Party DNS Servers
Works in China
Number of servers 3000+ Undisclosed
Pricing ($/month) $9.99 $14.99 - $29.99 (premium)
Rating: 5 3.5

A Short Review for Hola VPN Application

Hola VPN is a Virtual Private Network solution by Israel-based Hola Networks Limited and has been around since 2012. Today, it is also marketed as Hola Browser which promises to provide safe access to worldwide content. In a nutshell, Hola VPN is NOT the safest VPN out there! This guide will walk you through why Hola isn’t a safe VPN choice and subsequently bring you a better solution.

Hola VPN is a service that you can use to mask IP addresses when connecting to the internet. It offers what it calls “Peer to Peer”, “IP Exchange Network” service, with this service, installed, you exchange your IP address with any other users globally. And by providing your IP in exchange for using another IP address, you will be able to unblock websites and other content. It has one of the largest user bases with the number of 250+ million as it claims. However, some people are feeling unsafe because of the way it operates, so that you can share your IP.

There’s no such thing as free lunch!

Netizens see VPNs as a cyber-refuge. They would be devastated if it turned out that their favorite VPN was selling them out. The inconvenient truth is that some, including Hola VPN, exploit the free bandwidth of their users, telling them their devices are part of an extensive pool of residential IP addresses. This explains why they offer their service for free. You are essentially trading your resources in exchange for a promised anonymity that’s not even guaranteed.

Your logs are well-documented!

Every move you make online is stored by your dishonest VPN, and may well be used against you. Hola logs your online activities, and if you ever become a person of interest, authorities can and will demand Hola to provide certain information about you. If you want to continue to stay anonymous online, Hola Browser is the last thing you need.

Your unencrypted data are there to be viewed!

Hola does not encrypt your traffic, so if your data are intercepted, the hacker has no trouble reading them. Moreover, If your VPN connection disconnects for any reason, your actual IP address may leak immediately. Hola does not feature any security measures to prevent accidental leakages.

Why You Need a Safe Replacement for Hola VPN

It’s possible that Hola VPN can’t meet the requirements of many users, the main reasons may be the following:

It uses your IP and device resources

Being a “community-powered” service as Hola states, it sounds very nice that users are helping each other connect to the web, but the truth is: this service “routes your traffic through other peers in the network. That means it uses your real IP address, and all this kind of your device resources to power the network and make your device an exit node, you can imagine that your device will become something like a proxy server eventually.

It keeps logs and tracks online activities

Another thing that people find this service unsafe is that until today, it keeps logs and tracks your online activities. This is something that most quality Virtual Private Network services are trying to avoid. Since many people are turning to VPN services for safety reasons, this is surely a big disadvantage.

It does not provide enough security features

Usually, a Virtual Private Network service can do more than mask your IP address with a different one, however, this is the only thing that Hola VPN can do. There are plenty of security risks while using the service such as it doesn’t encrypt your web traffic and data; it does not provide Kill Switch and leak blocking features. All these are threatening your data security.

The Best Replacement to Hola VPN with the Best Price

VPN Unlimited is radically superior to its counterpart as mentioned above. It never pools users’ devices and doesn’t sell their private info to advertisers. KeepSolid’s solution implements a zero-log policy; it does not store users’ online logs and activities. If authorities ever happen to be interested in tracking you, we have nothing on you to report. In addition, VPN Unlimited applies military-grade AES-256 encryption to scramble your data, making them impossible to decipher by cybercriminals. Here’s why VPN Unlimited is your best choice if you want to access geographically restricted content securely.

More than 3000 servers in a variety of locations

Instead of using your device as a proxy server, VPN Unlimited provides more than 3000 available servers in over 80 locations. All our servers provide equally safe performance and lightning-fast connections. VPN Unlimited lets you virtually move from where you are located to any in-demand place to access popular content.

No-log guarantee

As a decent and trusted service, VPN Unlimited provides a no-log guarantee to the users. That means our service won’t collect your web activities, or log any of your browsing histories, moreover, we ensure no one can access them. Your data is in good hands.

Latest protocols supported

VPN Unlimited applies the newest protocols such as IKEv2, WireGuard®, and OpenVPN®, to enable you a faster and more reliable connection. While in Hola VPN, the slightly out-of-date PPTP/L2TP is still in use.

Kill Switch feature

To better protect your online privacy, our app offers the Kill Switch feature that will disconnect your internet immediately when something goes wrong. This way your data will be safe from leaking to your ISP.

Advanced settings are available

Our app encrypts all your web traffic and advanced settings are available. For example, you can choose a preferred server or a preferred protocol. Also, you can turn on the Kill Switch feature and many other settings that are not supported with Hola VPN.

Flexible pricing

We understand that each of you has their different needs for a Virtual Private Network, therefore we provide a flexible price list. Whether you are looking for this service for a month, for a year, or even a lifetime, we have all these plans for you with the most competitive price in the market.

Paid service full of perks

Online freedom is not free. We highly recommend against using free VPNs such as Hola. In order for them to sustain their business, They resort to doing things that are not in your best interest, to say the least. VPN Unlimited is a paid service but offers a full-featured 7-day free trial on top of a 30-day money-back guarantee. If our service is not as good as claimed, we will refund you within a month of use, no questions asked!

Security on public WiFi

Sadly, public WiFi offered in cafés and hotels is home to cybercrime more often than not. Hackers lurk around public places with free internet, faking free hotspots. These made-up WiFi hotspots can instantly compromise your cyber immunity. Thanks to state-of-the-art encryption and the Two-Factor Authentication security feature, your credentials and identity will remain off the hook, even on public WiFi.

No IP address leakage

Average VPN solutions spoof your IP address so that unwelcome parties won’t be able to track you while surfing the net. Nonetheless, authorities may still view your IP if you don’t use the right tool. Luckily, VPN Unlimited implements WebRTC and DNS leak tests for you to assess your IP address exposure. Furthermore, a security feature called Kill Switch will stop an internet connection as soon as it gets interrupted, keeping the risk of IP leakage at bay.

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