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Personal IP Address from VPN Unlimited for Internet Communication

We spend a good amount of time on the internet: social networks, streaming services, forums, and imageboards are well-integrated into modern life. Alas, our natural interaction with these services is sometimes interrupted by sudden restrictions or reCAPTCHA tests. How often do you see a notification like “Your IP has been banned” in the form of a banned IP address. But why? And how does VPN Unlimited dedicated personal IP help avoid IP address bans? Let’s figure this out!

Note: VPN Unlimited is available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle. 

What Is an IP Address

An IP address is a unique number assigned to devices that are connected to the internet. IP is similar to a physical mailing address in a sense - devices need it to know where to send, and to be able to receive information via the internet. Without IP addresses, devices wouldn’t be able to find each other on the web.


Dynamic and static IP addresses

IP addresses come in two forms: dynamic and static. A dynamic IP address is assigned randomly when your device connects to the internet, and it often changes periodically. A static IP address is assigned to your specific device and remains constant - typically used for frequently accessed devices such as servers. Dynamic IPs are typically the default choice since they require less maintenance and configuration (unless there’s a specific need for a personal static IP address).


Public and private IP addresses

One thing to note is that we’re normally referring to public IP when talking about dynamic and static IP addresses. This means that other devices on the internet can find them and transmit information. Another type of IP address is called private IP - it’s hidden from outside access.

Reasons for the “Your IP Has Been Banned” Notification

When you see the “Your IP has been banned” notification, you want to know the reason for this. Your IP address can be blocked for various causes, from incorrect input of credentials to DDoS attacks on your IP address. Entering reCAPTCHA a thousand times can be annoying, so it will be a good idea to figure out why your IP has been banned and find a reliable way to fix this error.

Most online forums resort to IP bans when dealing with malicious users and DDoS attacks. They are highly effective, but not without their shortcomings. A long-term IP ban may punish someone it wasn’t originally aimed at. 

Collateral IP bans are often the case with shared VPN IP addresses, where hundreds or even thousands of people may be using one IP address. If any of those users violates the Terms of Service of the website you use and gets your mutual IP banned, you’ll be affected directly.

In addition to that, there are some other possible reasons for the “Your IP has been banned” error.

  • Violate the terms of use of the provider
  • Have more than one account with the same IP address
  • Geographic restrictions in your location
  • Limit access from an IP address containing any kind of malware
  • Establishing confidentiality
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions with related IP addresses

How to Prevent Undeserved Bans and reCAPTCHA Tests

One way to prevent being unfairly banned and avoid entering “reCAPTCHA” is to get a personal IP address that you can use on your favorite forums or online communities. A personal IP address means you are only responsible for your own actions since you are the sole owner and user of the IP address. VPN Unlimited offers such an option: you can purchase a personal IP address and never worry about getting banned for something others did.

In addition to that, a dedicated IP address can add to your account security. Some sites allow users to set a range of trusted IPs that can access their accounts.

With a personal server, key benefits of our VPN service, including protection of your personal data, bypassing any internet restrictions, and providing fast connection speeds, are further enhanced.

Why choose VPN Unlimited dedicated personal IP

Access to services with IP authorization

Many services that operate clients’ sensitive information strive to prevent unwarranted access to their databases. For this, they can specify a list of IP addresses that are authorized, e.g. those that the client has previously used. Thus, if your IP address doesn't match one on the trusted list, you’ll be unable to log in. A dedicated personal IP address by VPN Unlimited is an ideal solution for such situations. You only need to specify it as your IP address to the service with IP authorization to be able to access its systems remotely and securely.


Protected online payments

Do you use VPN Unlimited for secure online banking? You should, for it will protect your sensitive data, such as banking credentials. However, each time you connect via a different server, you will appear to be in a different location. Financial institutions, banks included, may deem it a suspicious activity and request a reCAPTCHA test. This can result in them temporarily restricting access to, or even blocking your account. To avoid this, just use your VPN Unlimited dedicated personal IP address every time you log in to your banking accounts.


Avoiding IP bans and reCAPTCHA

A downside of a shared IP is the danger of collateral damage as the result of the “bad neighbor effect”. You never know what other users that you share your IP address with are up to. If they get your IP banned on a site or service, you too will fall victim to this penalty and will be restricted from accessing this website. You will also have to pass a reCAPTCHA test too often to prove that you are not malware. But when using VPN Unlimited dedicated personal IP, you are the sole owner of this address, and thus won’t have to worry about undeserved bans.

How to get a Personal IP Address with VPN Unlimited

  1. Download VPN Unlimited for free 
  2. Sign in to the app with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one
  3. Purchase a Personal IP address
  4. Launch the app and open the VPN server list located under the START button
  5. Connect to your Personal IP address

Get a Personal IP Address with VPN Unlimited on any device

VPN Unlimited offers easy-to-use apps for all major systems: 

It’s high time you got a Personal IP address!

Try out VPN Unlimited with a clean personal IP address, forget about reCAPTCHA and prevent any undeserved bans you can get using shared IPs.