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How to Watch Pornhub if It’s Blocked Using VPN Unlimited®

How to Watch Pornhub if It’s Blocked Using VPN Unlimited

Would you be surprised to learn that many people still believe their online activities are unhindered and private? Yes, even despite all the examples of the contrary! And nowhere is it more obvious than when it comes to watching Pornhub. 

To finally figure out all the ins and outs of watching Pornhub, in this piece we’ll discuss:

  • Where Pornhub is blocked and why
  • How to watch Pornhub when it’s blocked
  • Using VPN to get Pornhub unblocked
  • Why VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for Pornhub

Where Pornhub is Available and Blocked

Pornhub is arguably the world’s most popular website to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Features that help it stand out from its counterparts include:

  • An immense selection of content to suit every fancy
  • Keeping on the same page with its users by introducing trending entertainment technologies, like VR
  • Unmatched security - you’re less likely to get a virus on Pornhub than on your corporate network

Alas, even a pleasure haven like Pornhub is not free from shortcomings. The first big issue is that Pornhub can be blocked. While the service itself goes to great lengths to ensure that it’s available everywhere, Pornhub holds no power over local administrations.

Here’s is the list of states that are the strictest about blocking Pornhub:

  • Bangladesh - outright bans distributing and watching online pornography
  • China - online porn is illegal since 2002, with websites getting blocked and people suspected of organizing porn shootings - arrested
  • Egypt - on paper, porn has been outlawed since 2009; since ISPs weren’t too thorough about blocking sites like Pornhub, the ban was repeated several times, getting more and more serious
  • India - porn distribution has long been a criminal offense, and Pornhub was blocked in 2018
  • Nepal - all pornography sites, including Pornhub, are blocked since 2018
  • Pakistan - 1000 of the most popular porn websites are blocked and pornography is banned

Other countries that were reported to block Pornhub

The countries described above are especially harsh about their anti-pornography legislations. However, there are states that are a bit more lenient toward porn, but where you are still likely to find Pornhub blocked. They are as follows:


  • Bahrain
  • Butane
  • Guyana
  • Gaza Strip
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Oman
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Thailand
  • Turkmenistan
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Uganda
  • Yemen

Get Pornhub even where it's blocked

Access Pornhub with VPN Unlimited

How VPN Helps to Safely Unblock and Watch Pornhub

So, let’s say you end up in a country where Pornhub is unavailable. Is there no way for you to enjoy some adult content? No worries! It’s quite easy to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock Pornhub using a VPN, like VPN Unlimited.

What’s a VPN and how to watch Pornhub using it? A VPN (a.k.a. Virtual Private Network) allows you to encrypt your internet traffic and to connect to secure servers all over the world. The latter feature is the key to unblocking Pornhub or any other restricted site or service. 

You see, most often geo-blocking is enforced by checking your IP address. IP address corresponds to your device’s physical location, so seeing your IP allows ISPs to know that you’re in the region or state where Pornhub is blocked - and prevent you from accessing it. So masking your real IP behind a virtual address of a VPN Unlimited server is a surefire way to get Pornhub.

Boost Your Online Experience with VPN Unlimited

  • Bypass online restrictions and unblock services like Pornhub
  • Protect your real-life identity and hide your activities from cyber snoopers
  • Encrypt your sensitive information with the AES-256 algorithm
  • Mask your internet traffic and render it untraceable for any third parties
  • Stay safe even when using unsecured public WiFi networks

How to Watch Pornhub with VPN Unlimited

Unblocking Pornhub with VPN Unlimited is as easy as it gets. Not only that, but there are also other benefits to watching Pornhub with our VPN app, such as complete security, privacy, and anonymity, and unmatched connection speed.


Download VPN Unlimited and create a new KeepSolid ID. You’ll immediately receive 7 days of the free trial so that you can get to Pornhub with VPN Unlimited right away!


Log in with your new KeepSolid ID. If you have an existing subscription to our best VPN for porn, use an existing KeepSolid ID instead.


Connect to a VPN server in any location where Pornhub is available.


Enjoy your one-handed workout videos on Pornhub ;)

Watch Pornhub freely with VPN Unlimited!

Benefits of VPN Unlimited - the Best VPN for Pornhub

Over 500 servers in 80+ locations

VPN Unlimited has servers in over 80 regions worldwide. This grants several key advantages to our users. First of all, you’ll easily be able to find a server that unblocks Pornhub. Second, these servers aren’t overcrowded, ensuring you get enough bandwidth. Finally, you’ll always find a server nearby you, which means low ping and fast connection.

Complete privacy

Even though you won’t get viruses on Pornhub, other perils still exist. One of the biggest is to leak your sensitive information and online activities to the web (such as the fact that you’re watching Pornhub). VPN Unlimited will help you prevent this by routing your traffic through a VPN server to obscure your real IP address and location and to hide you.

Emphasis on security

Our VPN adds an extra layer of security to whatever protection measures are already employed by Pornhub. VPN Unlimited encrypts your web traffic using the AES-256 encryption protocol. This ensures that even if a hacker, ISP, or gov agency intercepts your traffic, instead of your data, logins, or passwords they will see an unintelligible stack of random characters.

Kill Switch VS leaks

So, you’ve decided the pleasures of Pornhub are worth it and decided to watch it in a state that bans it? Then the last thing you want is to be deanonymized as a result of some random disruption in your VPN! Kill Switch is what protects you from that - this feature will automatically disconnect you from the internet if it detects any issues with your VPN connection.

No-log policy

Another big risk when accessing Pornhub or any other service restricted by the government is accountability. VPNs, like any service provider, are legally obliged to provide certain information to the authorities. However, since VPN Unlimited doesn’t collect nor stores your data or activity logs, we have nothing to report on you!

1 account = several devices

You are free to use the same VPN Unlimited subscription on a bunch of devices at once. The exact number of devices varies from 5 to 10 to however many extra device slots you want to buy. So you can watch Pornhub with VPN on your PC or your smartphone, while also utilizing VPN Unlimited’s versatile benefits on other devices for other purposes.

Enjoy your naughty vids with the best VPN for Pornhub!

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