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How to Delete Gmail Account?

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Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Likely, you are one of the billion people who use Gmail service and, if you are reading this article, then something went wrong. Scared by the story about scammers who can access all your accounts and remotely damage your sensitive information knowing just your email address? Or want to rid yourself of annoying spam which overfills your email? No matter what the reasons are that instigate you to quit Gmail, you have every right to do so. This article will tell you the way how to delete it forever. But before that, let’s figure out what the consequences you may face after removing your Gmail account.

What happens after you delete Gmail account

It’s no surprise that saying “goodbye” to your Gmail account will lead to some changes or even side effects. Below you will find a brief description of 3 difficult points you will more likely meet as a result:

  • The loss of the correspondence

Of course, it is the most predictable outcome. We highly recommend you to move all the important letters to a different service before you delete Gmail account. Be careful and better check it twice. If you miss something valuable, it will be impossible to retrieve the data.

  • The loss of the meaningful contacts

There is a possibility of losing connection with your customers, partners, and other important contacts who used to reach you via Gmail. No doubt, you may warn them before deleting your personal account, but there is a chance they can miss this letter among thousands of other messages.

  • The loss of the frequently used services

A number of services, such as food delivery, social networks, online banking, etc., are attached to a certain email. This approach gives you an opportunity to easily recover your password to any linked service in case you forgot it. Removing a particular email makes it more difficult to get a reset link.

These arguments may seem weighty enough to stop you from deleting Gmail account. But next reasons support your decision to break with this service. Read further and make your final choice.  

Possible reasons to delete Gmail account

Throughout our life removing an email account has been a thing we always tried to avoid. It’s true that your correspondence may contain some important documents or proofs that certain words were said. Below you will find reasons which should move you forward in this major step.

  • Somebody has hacked your account

There are good chances that you’ll decide to delete Gmail account right away after you found out this problem. But don’t be so hasty. First of all, you should change your password and report to Gmail about the penetration. Inform your friends and colleagues about a chance they may receive fraudulent letters from your compromised email.

  • You are constantly receiving tons of junk emails on your account

It could very well be that you filled out a lot of questionnaires and forms where the email address was a required field, haven’t you? That is why you will receive a great number of unwanted messages after a while. It is a case when you face a real challenge to find a necessary letter among this mass.

  • Your user name isn’t relevant anymore

If you are using Gmail from school years, there is a chance that your address contains a name of a hero who was popular in that period. But, sooner or later, you will have to add your mail to CV. Every word in your message, including your account name, should make your future employer feel you are serious and ready to get to work, eh? Well, it’s the right time to change your account and move on from the old one.

Definitely, there are a lot more other reasons to delete Gmail account. Here are the instructions on how to do this.

How to delete Gmail account

First of all, backup all important messages which will be not available after you delete your account. The next step is to create a new email and notify your friends and colleagues about the changes. Now you are ready to remove your email, so let’s start:

  1. Sign in to your account and go to the My Account tab. Click Account Preferences, scroll down, and select the Delete products option.delete gmail account 1Note: Here, all your active Google accounts attached to this email will be displayed. If you want to save the access to them, weigh up the pros and cons about the decision to delete Gmail account once again.
  2. Click Remove Gmail permanently and verify your choice. At this stage, you will be offered to enter a new email address to sign in to the other Google services, such as Google Drive or Calendar.delete gmail account 2
  3. When you confirm your choice, you will get a letter from Gmail with the following subject: Security alert for your linked Google account or Gmail Deletion Confirmation.delete gmail account 3
  4. Follow the link in the letter and click Delete Gmail to confirm the removal. Your Gmail account will be deleted within 48 hours.delete gmail account 4
  5. Click Done and close the Account Preferences screen.delete gmail account 5

That’s all! Now you are free from a heap of spam and other inconveniences which we described above. At the same time, you lost some of the possibilities that Google offers you for better online experience.

Wrap up

As you can see, in order to delete Gmail account, you should perform a few easy steps. But if you still have doubts and the main reason for your distrust is a question of privacy, VPN Unlimited is an excellent tool to resolve the uncertainty. This well-trusted security app will provide you with a right to be free and protected from online threats. Now your correspondence is under the strong shield and you can continue using your Gmail account.

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August 23, 2017