How to Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription

Let’s talk about using a VPN service and its benefits. Nowadays, the use of it has become almost a necessity. Because this service gives you the chance to browse the internet safely, it hides your IP address and identity. Thanks to this privacy feature, it ensures your safety in the increasingly dangerous internet environment. 

Thousands of hacker attacks happen every day. Using such a solution would be a great way to protect yourself from these attacks. Along with security considerations, this service offers you a chance for endless freedom! It saves you from being tied to your location and has the opportunity to follow the content you follow from anywhere in the world. 

However, not every VPN is the same and most of them cannot provide you with adequate service. For example, many users say they have connection problems and breakdowns when using ExpressVPN. Also, its users are complaining about slow internet speed, so they are looking for ways to cancel this subscription. Apart from that, it often causes problems while connecting to some streaming services, which is an unacceptable issue nowadays. Are you thinking that it's time to cancel ExpressVPN and move on to a better option? 

Let’s see how to cancel your ExpressVPN subscription. Check the precise steps in this article below. 

How to Cancel Subscription in ExpressVPN

1. To cancel your subscription first log in to Your Express VPN Account.

expressvpn Sign In

2. Go to subscription settings.

expressvpn Manage Settings

3. Click on Turn Off Automatic Renewal.

expressvpn Turn off automatic renewal

4. Turn off automatic renewal.

turn off automatic renewal

5. Confirmation.

Back to Dasboard Turn off automatic renewal

6. Confirm again.

ExpressVPN Automatic Renewal is now off

7. Automatic renewal is now off.

Live Chat ExpressVPN

8. Contact customer service, and that’s it, you have canceled your subscription.

ExpressVPN Live Chat Finish

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other platforms

Note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle. 

Why VPN Unlimited is the better option

Let's talk a little about our solution - VPN Unlimited. Our app, which is developed with the highest level of security codes and is frequently updated, does not slow down your speed while offering you a safe internet experience. Let’s see more details.

High Protection

One of the main reasons for using our solution is the pursuit of security. We offer you a very high level of protection and completely hide your IP address. However, we give you the chance to make your internet browsing completely a ghost. Check out the protocols we use and the zero-log policy we apply.

1 account = Unlimited devices

Another motto is freedom, and we grant usage rights on unlimited devices, like major platforms, gaming consoles, routers, smart TVs, etc. – a service that many other solutions cannot offer you. You can use to unlimited devices for free under one account.

Join the globe

Do not stay away from the world in any way, and always stay tuned. Thanks to our solution, you will be able to access any content. Throughout the globe, we offer 3000+ servers for you. Thanks to that, you can show your connection location as coming from any of our servers in the world and enjoy unlimited internet without being stuck with geographical obstacles.

Let’s build a safety wall

If there is a vulnerability, security is not adequately provided. Add all your devices to your VPN Unlimited account and set up your protection. In order to truly ensure security, all electronic devices you use must be strongly protected because today they have a lot of sensitive data about us. VPN Unlimited is a solution for all your devices.

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