What Does VPN Proxy Mean

Who provides the officials our personal data? - How secure personal data with VPN using
Who provides the officials our personal data? - How secure personal data with VPN using

Nowadays, the Internet is that thing without which we can not imagine our life. We communicate, make friends, watch our favorite TV series, work, and purchase different goods on the Internet. We often do not even think about the security of our data and possible identity theft. What may occur when we surf the web?

You can use a proxy directly, or you might be the one who uses a VPN proxy server. Very frequently, we use them without realizing the distinction between these tools. So what is a VPN Proxy? At first sight, they carry out similar functions. They both permit access to geo-restricted content and disguise the identity of the users. They also assist you in keeping your activity private, whether you’re sending emails, streaming videos, browsing the Internet, reading online messages, or downloading files. Read this article to have an idea of what a VPN and Proxy are.

So, these tools work differently. When you connect to a video-streaming app, a specific website, or a file-sharing program for your device, firstly, you connect to the proxy. Once you do it for the first time, in the future you will connect to this app or site through an outside host server. It is a benefit if you want to mask your identity. The website you visit will see only the IP address that belongs to the proxy server, so your real IP address will not be seen. Due to this, your location and identity will be hidden from apps and sites.

Proxy Server and How It Functions

What is a proxy server? In simple words, it is a server that functions as a mediator between the Internet and the person who uses this facility. It hides your real IP address by changing where your online activity comes into sight. Using this tool, you will be allowed to connect to a single proxy app. It hinders you from configuring your computer to get into a proxy server. What is worse is that it does not apply any encryption to protect the information which passes through it. It lets cybercriminals and hackers monitor your online activity.

Government or any hacker can discover your identity and swipe your personal information. Such servers can be used only for tasks that are not very important, for instance unblocking content or bypassing geo-restrictions. That is what a proxy server is.

What Is VPN and How It Works

In some ways, it is very much like a proxy. This service will mask your real IP address too, which will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions or censorship. But in comparison to a proxy, this tool will offer more options that will boost your online security and refine your online experience. It functions on the operating system level and encrypts your traffic. 

Besides, its connection is more solid and reliable. Do you want to be absolutely protected? Install our reliable service and feel complete protection.

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Different Kinds of Proxies

HTTP Proxies

This kind of proxy is used to access websites. Using an HTTP proxy, you can also access geo-restricted content.

SOCKS5 proxies

It is also a popular technology used by VPN Unlimited. It redirects your Internet traffic to a remote proxy server, and the proxy works not only with websites. The SOCKS5 proxy server can also be used to unblock access to file sharing sites, streaming, and online gaming services.

Transparent proxies

You may be using them without even realizing it. When connected to the Internet, a transparent proxy helps to filter content or block access to certain sites. It is often used by employers, schools, or libraries. A VPN is similar to a proxy, but it works with every app you get access to and every site you visit. VPN Unlimited is your real freedom. Try it.

The future of anonymizer services is a virtual private network (VPN) protocol

What are the Differences Between VPNs and Proxies

VPN provides data encryption. Our service provides AES-256 military-grade encryption. This means that hackers, the government, or others will not be able to track your online activities.


VPN providers facilitate online privacy. Only our reliable provider, which has a No-log policy, can guarantee total privacy.


Free proxy connections are slower. They can be less safe and slower because of fewer configuration options, slower infrastructure, and less support.


A reliable VPN costs money. Paid services propose more secure connections, more privacy, and more solid performance. Free service is as a rule unreliable. Get VPN Unlimited and try a 7-day trial period.

Additional freedom. One more feature that differentiates our solid tool from common proxy servers is a special technology called KeepSolid Wise. It makes your traffic indistinguishable from usual web traffic, such as standard HTTP. You can use our supreme service even on networks that ban it.

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