What Is Care.com and How To Stay Safe While You’re There?

Care.com is the #1 childcare and senior care network, connecting more than 32.9 million families with high-quality, dependable care from more than 65,000 childcare providers and elder care professionals across the United States and Canada.

Care.com's mission is to help enrich and strengthen families, enabling them to thrive through life's moments.

Care.com is a two-sided marketplace that connects a community of people looking for safe and trusted caregiving services with a large network of caregivers. They operate on the belief that everyone should have access to quality senior care, safe babysitting, house cleaning, pet care, tutoring, and other services that help families thrive in their everyday lives.

Caregivers on this platform are screened and insured, so families can feel safe and confident when connecting with the perfect caregiver for their particular needs. And unlike a traditional agency or service where an employee is given a caseload to manage, Care.com's service model allows caregivers to spend more personalized time with their clients because they only accept as many clients as they want to work with.


Is care.com a Legit Company?

Based on what Care.com says about itself, it is an honest company. Care.com was founded in 2000 with the goal of allowing families to get the help they need while also allowing caregivers to earn money in their own communities. With an online presence in more than 20 countries around the world, helping millions of people in finding caregivers for at-home assistance, Care.com is a leading provider for all things home care. Whether you're looking for a caregiver or a caregiver is looking for you, you'll find help with Care.com's high-quality services. 

BUT… here comes the bitter truth, according to trustpilot.com, care.com has a bad rating from 78% of total ratings, and only 10% of excellent ratings. Now you can do the math!


Is care.com Safe and Reliable?

According to care.com itself, they monitor the site for inappropriate activity and have active measures in place to ensure only dependable, reliable caregivers are listed on the platform.

Care.com is not a place for criminals or people with evil intentions; it's a place where people connect and support each other. They also offer many ways for members to verify the information they find on Care.com, such as phone confirmations and ID confirmation checks.

BUT, again, here comes the ugly truth, according to some quora.com users, there are many negative experiences with care.com, including charging users even after canceling their membership, also, their website has many security flaws according to upguard.com, so please make sure to protect your network before using this website. You can consider using a VPN to protect your network and your information.


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