Is Safe?, also known as "Lithic," is a safe service that lets you hide your debit card information by making virtual debit cards or debit cards that can only be used once. So, you can pay online without putting your sensitive information on a website that might not be safe.


Is It Legit?

Yes. At this time, can only be used online by people who live in the United States legally.

  • What if I live in a US territory that isn't one of the 50 states? Yes! Residents of the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico are legally permitted to use
  • What if I'm a student from another country studying in the US? Yes! Residents of the United States who have a valid visa may utilize
  • What if I'm US military presently serving outside of the country? Yes! Military personnel serving in the United States who have access to a US checking or debit account are able to utilize


Is It Reliable?

It has the ability to save you money while still being reliable and trustworthy. There is a free version of, however, there are additional paid features. It's possible to earn a little profit by retaining a portion of the interchange fees that retailers pay to Visa and the banks.


Is Safe? is safe. They use PBKDF2 to hash passwords and AES-256 to encrypt data. will still ask for your name and billing address, but pseudonyms are permitted as long as you're not using Venmo-style money transfers. protects your data like a regular VPN.


VPN Unlimited acts as a VPN for commerce, serving as an intermediary between you and your bank or credit card provider. It's like a VPN for your bank account. Because of this, a VPN such as VPN Unlimited is still required for complete online anonymity.

A VPN is a technology that encrypts users' private network traffic and transmits it across a public network, such as the internet. VPN is used for the following purposes:

  1. In order to ensure the security of your data and online traffic
  2. Creating a false identity and hiding your true location
  3. Access to websites and services that are restricted by geo-restrictions.

Benefits of Using VPN Unlimited

Data protection

A VPN establishes a secure link between your computer and a remote server through an encrypted tunnel over the internet. Only you and the person with whom you've shared the link may decode the data as it passes through the tunnel.

VPN Unlimited employs industry-standard AES-256 encryption to keep all of your private information safe. As a result, you may now surf online without concern that your private information will be stolen.

Online privacy

Disguising your IP address and location may safeguard your online anonymity. A VPN gives you a virtual IP address from which you may choose to stay online. No one, including your ISP, government, or other parties, can monitor your online activity.

No censorship and restrictions

Many major websites and services are restricted in China, the UAE, and Iran. VPNs may be used to access websites and online content. Choose a VPN server in a location where the service is legal to access. You may then use the internet like everyone else. 

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