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Secure Internet
One of the most important benefits of VPN Unlimited is its ability to protect your data with encryption.
Safety on public WiFi
Free WiFi hotspots are hotbeds for spyware and hackers. Take advantage of VPN and stay safe on public WiFi.
Selection of VPN protocols
VPN protocols differ in speed and security, so you want to be able to switch them on the fly.
Additional account protection
Thanks to TFA and other security measures, no one will be able to steal your VPN account.
Freedom from digital surveillance
VPN Unlimited allows you to hide from ubiquitous digital surveillance and stay truly anonymous.
Crypto trading
Security and anonymity are key benefits of VPN for crypto traders. Don’t let anyone peek over your shoulder!
Freedom online
Bypassing geo-blocking
One of the coolest things that you can do with a VPN is to get access to previously unavailable services.
Personal Servers & IPs
You can do much more with a VPN to ensure your safety if you have a personal server & IP.
Habit tracking prevention
Among the benefits of VPN is the ability to disrupt the systems trying to track your online habits.
No more obtrusivead targeting
Personalized ad targeting gets really annoying at times. What you can do with VPN is hide from it!
IP leak test
Wondering if your device is leaking your data? A legit concern, so better take this IP leak test.
No-log VPN
What good for your privacy will be a VPN that’s sharing your information? None, that’s why we don’t collect your logs!

How to Benefit from a VPN


Unfortunately, the internet is not such a safe space as many of us would like to believe. All it takes to get your device infected with malware is a few careless clicks on a pretty pop-up or mysterious attachment. You’re just a few minutes of using a free Wi-Fi hotspot away from cybercriminals knowing your credentials.


That’s why it’s so important to take full advantage of a VPN. This service encrypts your internet traffic, so even if it gets intercepted, your data and sensitive information will stay safe. VPN Unlimited also brings additional security via TFA and a variety of available VPN protocols for good measure.


When surfing the web, you leave plenty of traces, such as your location, IP address, device type, browsing history, etc. You may not realize this, but that data is incredibly valuable to the right people, e.g. cybercriminals or intrusive advertisers.


The huge advantage of a VPN is that it helps you reclaim your privacy and keep that data intact. It hides your real location and IP address, so snoopers and spyware can’t track you down. It also encrypts your internet connection, so no one can monitor what data you share or the websites you visit.


Despite their advantages, many VPNs have a drawback that turns away users - they may significantly slow down your internet connection. After all, what’s the point in unblocking a streaming channel if all you get to see is a buffering icon.


That’s where another benefit of VPN Unlimited comes in — this service is rocket-fast! We employ top-notch servers and the fastest VPN protocols to ensure that you experience minimal speed loss, if at all. Not to mention that VPN Unlimited also protects your connection from throttling by ISPs and other parties, so that nothing can slow you down.

Freedom online

Traveling a lot and need to retain access to your common sites and services? Or planning to move to a more restrictive region and don’t want this to impede your freedom? Then VPN Unlimited will be a huge advantage. We offer 3000+ secure VPN servers in over 80 regions worldwide. Connect to any of them and enjoy your favorite sites and content, wherever you are.


If you are away from home, connect to a server in your home region and access your favorite social media accounts or news websites in seconds. No matter how far away you are, you will experience the internet as if you were home. And what can you do if VPNs are blocked in your network? Turn on the KeepSolid Wise protocol in our VPN to benefit from tearing down these restrictions!


Your personal data is everywhere — on your mobile and desktop devices, on your WiFi router and streaming media player. It’s not enough to just enjoy VPN benefits on one of your gadgets — you need to secure them all. But getting device-specific apps for every gadget can be quite a hassle.


Luckily, you don’t need to. What you can do is take advantage of VPN Unlimited. With one account, you can secure your data on a wide variety of devices. Rest assured that whatever devices you own, it’s possible to install VPN Unlimited there! By default, you can use the app on up to 5 devices simultaneously, but this number can be further increased.

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Paulo Murteira
Fast servers, cheap prices and excellent customer support. I had few issues with my account and Irina from customer service responded very fast on a Sunday and resolved very quickly. I was surprised how fast their service was. Once again thanks Irina for your great and fast support.
Darc Mac
Most responsive VPN by far!! As always superb support from you all at keep solid. Silly me tried to do it without the restart... duh. Of course, it didn't work. The second time followed to the letter...... no problems. Works fine. Probably the best bit of software I have ever bought the responses to problems are so quick and effective. Again many thanks Mike. PS If you want to use that in ads please feel free.
Michael Moore

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FAQ about VPN Lifetime Subscription

Is it a good idea to use VPN?

A credible VPN, such as VPN Unlimited, will benefit the security of your internet connection, web traffic, and critical data. VPNs are great both when you’re browsing from home and when you're out and about, using poorly-secured public Wi-Fi networks. Another VPN advantage is that it also lets you access streaming services and other content that would be otherwise unavailable (or significantly limited).

What are the pros and cons of VPN?

At this point in the article, you should be well aware of the benefits of VPNs:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Access to geo-blocked content
  • Protection from ISP bandwidth throttling

VPNs may have certain disadvantages as well. Although with the best VPN services, such as VPN Unlimited, these drawbacks are ified to a great extent, they are still worth noting:

  • Not all VPNs follow the no-log policy
  • All VPNs slow down your internet to some degree
  • Free VPNs are likely to be of low quality and can undermine your security
  • Without a feature like our Private Server & IP, VPNs assign to you shared IPs that may get blacklisted

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