How to Open Restricted Sites in Your Office with VPN Unlimited

Some office networks restrict access to social media and entertainment websites. But what is supposed to be a productivity booster, usually ends up useless at best and counteracting at worst. Such restrictions may reflect senior managers’ lack of understanding of how the modern digital world operates.

So, how to bypass internet restrictions at work? How to access restricted sites in the office? How to access Facebook if blocked in the office? How to access YouTube when it is blocked in your office? Do you need a VPN for your office? What is the best VPN to bypass internet restrictions at work? Let’s check it out!

Why bypass internet restrictions at work

In today’s world, a lot of us use our social network accounts for work. A lot of business-related networking happens on Facebook and Twitter. Even entertainment sites have their value in the workplace. Besides, nothing boosts productivity like a good break. Not everyone is big on water-cooler chatting; some people just want to spend a little quality time alone drinking coffee and browsing funny cat pictures. What’s wrong with that?

Some network administrators go as far as restricting access to file-sharing services, which sometimes could be absolutely essential to your workflow, laying the ground for the ultimate backfiring of a policy set forth with good intentions. Well, you know what they say about “the road to hell” and “good intentions”!

Do you need a VPN for working in your office

All these workplace internet access restrictions are made possible by the office firewalls, which means they have nothing to do with the device you’re using, but rather, depend on the network being used for accessing the internet. This makes them easy to bypass by using a virtual private network service. So, yes, in case you wonder if you need a VPN for your office and how to access blocked sites in the office network, we have a perfect solution for you.

Meet VPN Unlimited! Our app allows a direct and untraceable connection from your device to a remote server — one that is not hampered by firewall restrictions. This server becomes your entry point to the global net, effectively leapfrogging all local restrictions and therefore solving issues of blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and any other website or service you might want or need to access.

VPN Unlimited – best VPN to access blocked sites in the office network

Choosing your perfect VPN software for unblocking restricted sites in the office is really important. So why should you choose VPN Unlimited? Our app offers you a bunch of cool benefits, they are as follows:


Bullet-proof security while in the office network

Our security solution uses a highly secure AES 256-encryption and super-fast VPN protocols so that your online data becomes completely protected from any unauthorized parties. VPN Unlimited safeguards your online identity wherever you’re in the office, a public place, or anywhere else.


Complete anonymity while accessing blocked sites

To top it off, no one (including your boss) will be able to track your online activity and check your browsing history. Using our VPN software, all your online traffic remains untraceable. Even if anyone tries to access it, they will see only a set of meaningless encrypted characters.


Bypass any internet restrictions at the office network

With our VPN application, you get 3000+ servers in 80+ locations in the world. This means that you can not only bypass internet restrictions in the office but geo-restrictions in your country in general. Working in the office somewhere in Europe, you can easily unblock the most popular streaming sites like Max, and Hulu.

How to access restricted websites at work on any device

One more reason, which proves VPN Unlimited is your perfect choice for bypassing internet restrictions in the office network, is that our app works with all the major platforms. This means that you can access Facebook, YouTube, or any other site on any device including your smartphone, work computer, or just your favorite browser. Get a single VPN Unlimited subscription and bypass internet restrictions in the office on up to 5/10 devices. Check out for yourself:

Open restricted sites in the office with well-trusted VPN software!

Download our top-notch VPN solution and release yourself from office boundaries with no hassle.