What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office Word has been a popular choice for many consumers, but for some, the alternative options that are available are worth switching over to, especially because you can still get a similar service without the need to commit to paying a premium. In this article, we look into 3 free Microsoft Word services, you will choose for yourself which of the 3 is a more secure alternative to Microsoft Word. 

Microsoft’s Office suite is what millions of people turn to when creating documents. There are several options available that you won’t have to pay for. Keep reading if you are considering trying a secure alternative.

Best Microsoft Word Alternatives

Google Docs

Google Docs, is a free-to-use and secure alternative to Microsoft Word that is fast becoming a popular option for people with Google accounts. Features like real-time collaboration and autosave to Google Drive are what make this a worthy alternative to Word.

Although it lacks some advanced features, it has all the basic features which provide the same word processing standards as Word. Google Docs supports Microsoft Word’s formats, making it easy to edit your documents created on Word.

Google integrated Docs with Google Drive to serve as cloud storage for documents, contents of your Docs work are automatically saved after every single keystroke - taking away any concerns about losing any work in the event of a system crash

Real-time collaboration allows you to work on the same document with another Google user at the same time. You can see what the other user is typing, and you can comment and make suggestions to each other in real-time as well. Google Docs has built-in security designed to detect and block threats like spam, phishing, and malware. All your documents are secured in transit and at rest using encryption.

WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer is a feature-rich alternative to Microsoft Word, minus the premium. This is a freemium app and unlike most freemium apps, you won’t be bothered with Ads unless you require to print or export your documents to PDF. You shouldn’t, therefore, be discouraged to make use of this exceptional alternative to Microsoft Word. 

WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft document formats and does most of the things that can be done using Word. Unlike Google Docs, WPS Office Writer doesn’t have real-time collaboration, however, it comes with its native cloud support for storing documents.

Microsoft Office Word Online

A freemium alternative to Microsoft Word that is cloud-based that comes short with a lot of the advanced features, but the very basic features that are there can get the job done.

If you are intending to alternate between Word Online and Microsoft Word, you will be able to open documents created in Word Online into Microsoft Word without affecting the formatting. Word Online documents are saved in Microsoft’s very own cloud storage - OneDrive, and it has real-time collaboration just like Google Docs.

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