What is DNS Firewall and How Traffic Filtering Works. VPN vs Firewall

DNS Firewall is a network security solution that intercepts DNS resolution for known-malicious websites and protects your devices from malware infection. In simple terms, it prevents you from connecting to known malicious Internet locations and ensures that your private data remains protected.

To top it off, DNS Firewall also allows to block sites that contain annoying pop-up windows and undesirable content (like gaming, gambling, adult sites). Keep reading for more information about VPN vs Firewall!

How DNS Firewall works

The first thing to figure out when exploring the VPN vs Firewall question, we should note that DNS-based malware is one of the most dangerous cyber threats that are used to steal your online identity. According to a global 2019 DNS Security survey, 91% of malware use DNS services to build their cyber attacks and 82% of survey respondents had been targeted by a DNS attack during the last year. DNS Firewall, in turn, has been created to safeguard our users from such attacks. 

When the technology intercepts malicious DNS response, it directs a website with this response to a walled garden and makes such a malicious network unreachable for your device. The work of DNS Firewall can also be compared with a custom house. The customs officer is responsible for preventing the importation of illegal and/or dangerous goods into the country, and DNS Firewall is responsible for preventing the importation of malware to your device.

Benefits of DNS Firewall by KeepSolid vs VPNs


Malware blocking

Everyone agrees that prevention is better than cure. This applies to cybersecurity too! DNS Firewall is perfect for preventing malware infection. It stops malicious traffic and by blocking compromised and dangerous websites, leaving malware no chance of getting you. As we’ve said, it’s better to detect and block malicious domains than curing whatever viruses and other nasty stuff you got there.

Real-time traffic filtering

DNS Firewall by KeepSolid filters your web traffic as you’re browsing the web, without hindering you one bit. It blocks malicious domains, protects your online activities, without you even noticing it. You can select what types of websites, domains, or content you want blocked (e.g. gambling, gaming, adult sites, fake news, etc.) or even manually create custom blocklists.

Restricting phishing websites

In case you didn’t know, phishing websites attempt to steal your personal information by “phishing” it out of you, e.g. by presenting you with a fake version of a legitimate site prompting you to enter your credentials. They are often used in email-based cyberattacks. But with DNS Firewall, phishing sites don’t stand a chance! Our app preventively detects and blocks phishing links.


Intuitive and easy-to-learn

It’s super-easy to get started with DNS Firewall by KeepSolid to filter network traffic. This app offers simple yet effective interface and requires only a few steps to pick up, so DNS Firewall vs VPN is much easier. Download it on your device, select what kind of sites you want to filter, launch DNS connection, and you’re on velvet.

Protection for all devices

A single DNS Firewall subscription allows you to secure up to 5 connections simultaneously. This means that you can download files on your Windows, stream TV shows on Mac, enjoy favorite songs on iPhone with Apple Music, browse the web on Android, all the while staying safe on each and all of them! Most VPNs offer less - another win for Firewall vs VPN!

Curated and customizable

DNS Firewall by KeepSolid keeps your devices secure at all times. To ensure this, we curate blocklists of suspicious domains, malicious URLs, and phishing websites that we offer you and regularly update them. And if that’s not enough, you can customize the lists or create your own ones. Your online activities and sensitive data will stay safe and sound with DNS Firewall traffic filtering.

Enjoy safer browsing with DNS Firewall!

DNS Firewall filters all malicious traffic and blocks DNS activity to safeguard your private data and raise your online security to an even more advanced level. Compared to VPN, Firewall grants better protection from malware and inappropriate content

How to benefit from DNS Firewall

There are two ways you can benefit from DNS Firewall by KeepSolid, both described below. We recommend the first option, as its faster and more convenient. The second option is for advanced users only, as it may affect your experience with not only DNS Firewall, but also other KeepSolid’s apps. So if you don't want to have a conflict between your DNS Firewall vs VPN Unlimited apps, better use the first option!

Easy option: Downloading DNS Firewall app


Log in and choose what inappropriate domains and websites you wish to restrict access to


Launch DNS Firewall to establish a secure internet connection and avoid online threats

Pro option: DNS Firewall via User Office

You can easily manage DNS Firewall via the KeepSolid User Office. All you have to do is as follows:


Log in with your KeepSolid ID.


Find KeepSolid DNS Firewall in your subscriptions.


Click Activate*.


Select the categories of websites you want to block (phishing, adult, social, gambling, etc.).


Create a custom blocklist if necessary.

Once you activate DNS Firewall, its settings will be automatically applied to the VPN Unlimited app on your devices. So once again, to avoid VPN vs Firewall conflicts, make sure you did everything correctly!

You can also configure DNS Firewall via the DNS Firewall app itself which you can download here. Set it up and enjoy the new level of security with DNS Firewall! 


FAQ about DNS Firewall

Why do I need DNS Firewall vs VPN Unlimited?

DNS Firewall filters your traffic and stops malicious internet connections before they occur. It protects you even if you don’t use other security measures, which makes DNS Firewall by KeepSolid a fast, responsive, and effective cybersecurity solution. Compared to DNS Firewall, VPN Unlimited is unable to stop malware or filter your internet traffic.

What happens when DNS is blocked?

With DNS Firewall traffic filtering in place, IP addresses of websites you attempt to enter will not be returned unless they pass DNS lookup. Since DNS Firewall domain blocking occurs at this stage, before downloading any content, the process goes extremely quickly. Little to no latency is involved when DNS Firewall is filtering your traffic.

How do I unblock a blocked DNS?

If you notice that DNS Firewall by KeepSolid is blocking some websites that you’re 100% certain are legitimate, it’s easy to fix. Simply open the DNS blocklist and manually unblock the DNS you wish.

What is a common use of DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It translates domain names to IP addresses, which allows web browsers to load internet resources. All devices connected to the web have a unique IP to help other devices find them. And where DNS servers come in is they translate IP addresses to eliminate the need to memorize IPs.

Can you use VPN and DNS Firewall together?

Yes, VPN vs Firewall are not conflicting entities. VPN Unlimited perfectly complements DNS Firewall. VPNs are like an additional IP stack on your system, which means that you can have a separate DNS server address configured. However, this is only possible if the VPN is made for this. So, if you use VPN Unlimited with DNS Firewall, this will work perfectly.

Safeguard your sensitive data with DNS Firewall

Get DNS Firewall with VPN Unlimited or on its own right now and see what a safe browsing experience is like!