Comparison between SonicWall VPN and VPN Unlimited

Are you looking for a secure and dependable internet connection? The search may seem infinite, but knowing adequate information about each service provider can help you narrow it down. Everyone is talking about SonicWall Virtual Private Network and VPN Unlimited, so we've put together a comparison between these two apps to help you decide. Just to make a short notice here: SonicWall VPN license price is $50 per one connection.

A Short Review about SonicWall VPN App

  • SonicWall VPN license price for 5 devices is $215. VPN Unlimited offers a better price for teams, starting from $19.99 per 5 users.
  • To protect the security of private data, the SonicWall  VPN establishes  a Virtual Private Network connection between your computer and the business network. 
  • The network is an easy-to-use solution for remote users that need safe and encrypted internet access.
  • SonicWall Virtual Private Network focuses on firewalls, specializing in protecting your data, safe endpoint protection, email security, terminal and endpoint security, and cloud security. Though, the company does not update their product often, which is highly required in our fast-changing technological world.
  • The majority of SonicWall Virtual Private Network features, on the other hand, are unclear or unspecified, making it untrustworthy. All internet users like or would sign up for features that are obvious and transparent, and we have a great SonicWall VPN alternative. 
  • Depending on the firewall you choose, the SonicWall VPN license price is offered in a variety of bundles. The packages are based on the number of SSL VPN users on the firewall.

What Is the Best SonicWall Alternative

The SonicWall license VPN price and functionality will, for the most part, fall short of the user's aspirations. If you're seeking a reliable Virtual Private Network service, it's critical to find one that has reasonable pricing and more clearly defined features. One of the options open to you is VPN Unlimited. It just has a large number of capabilities and features. This could come in handy for the entire web browsing experience.

Detailed VPN Unlimited Review


Confidentiality and security

VPN Unlimited employs AES-256 encryption to protect your privacy. It is unaffected by hackers’ or spies’ attacks. AES-256 is the best and it is used by the US government to secure sensitive data, so it will almost undoubtedly be safe for VPN Unlimited users. Also, our service offers the Kill Switch feature.

Virtual servers all over the world

Over 3000 high-speed servers in 80+ locations across the world are available through our SonicWall VPN alternative. You can always check here to see a comprehensive list of available servers. In terms of competence and dependability, they're all the same.

Policy against logging

Our primary goal is to secure all users' online privacy. As a result, your internet actions are not tracked by VPN Unlimited. To ensure that unpermitted parties and fraudsters do not have access to your sensitive data, our SonicWall Virtual Private Network alternative does not log your browsing history or downloaded files.

Protocols that are backed up

Our servers all offer top-tier security, flash speeds, and unlimited access to your favorite content from anywhere. We use OpenVPN®, WireGuard®, IKEv2 protocols on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other platforms. If your network forbids VPNs, you can use the KeepSolid Wise protocol. It allows you to freely browse any website content on any device.

What Makes Our SonicWall Alternative the Best Choice

Number of locations throughout the world

Our Virtual Private Network has over 80 locations around the world and hundreds of solid servers, allowing you to obtain fast connection speed.

30 days of a money-back guarantee

VPN Unlimited offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you ample opportunity to evaluate the network and its services.

Adaptable pricing policy

We provide a Lifetime plan in addition to monthly and yearly plans that are super affordable. There is also a MonoDefense security bundle with a VPN Unlimited app available. For a reasonable charge, you get a set of security services to make your web experience easier.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is available through VPN Unlimited and offers an extra layer of security to your data. This adds a second level of security to your data. Apart from the fact that your identity has been validated, it is evident that our SonicWall Virtual Private Network alternative is the best option.

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