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Mailbox Security - VPN Unlimited for Gmail and Other Email Services

Our email boxes are quite intimate, aren’t they? With all the personal letters, pictures, subscriptions, and business data, you don’t want them easily snooped on. Therefore, it is crucial to make your email secure. A sound VPN for email should encrypt your Gmail account and restrict email access to a chosen dedicated IP address. Most email services, like Gmail, support this.

Existing Gmail security without a dedicated IP address

To ensure further security, Gmail automatically tracks all IP addresses that access your email account. Its special tool, Gmail IP Address Tracker, sends you an alert when an unknown or suspicious IP address is detected. 

However, this security measure has a potential inconvenience. If you travel a lot and access your email from different IP addresses, you will be receiving these warnings non-stop. Consequently, you may get your email account temporarily blocked. Thus, you risk losing access to your data and not being able to continue important conversations while your Gmail account is blocked.

Best VPN for Gmail and similar services

How do you get a personal dedicated IP address? Easily, if you are using VPN Unlimited. Here’s how to access Gmail through VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a Personal VPN Server or Personal Static IP so as to have your personal IP address
  2. Tie the IP of our VPN to your Gmail in account settings
  3. From now on, you’ll only need to turn on the VPN connection via your personal VPN server or IP address
  4. Rest assured that your email access is secured

How to get VPN Unlimited to use with Gmail

  1. Download VPN Unlimited for free 
  2. Sign in to the app with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one
  3. Open the VPN server list located under the START button
  4. Connect to a VPN email server of your choice. We recommend using the Optimal Server option, so that our app will choose the best VPN email server for you based on a number of factors to ensure the best connection speed
  5. Enjoy secure, private, and encrypted Gmail and other email services

Why you need a VPN Unlimited for Gmail

VPN features

VPNs’ useful features allow you to take a breather, knowing that your Gmail account is secure. This includes VPN protocols for tunneling along with Gmail encryption algorithms that protect you by encrypting your online traffic. Whatever messages you’re sending and receiving, our VPN for email will protect you against any interception.


Simultaneous connections

Most VPN providers, KeepSolid included, allow several (in our case - 5 or 10) simultaneous connections on your devices.This means that you can install VPN Unlimited on your PC, laptop, phone, etc. - and still only pay for a single account (see the list of available devices below). Also, we have a strict no logging policy - we don‚Äôt log your activities while you‚Äôre connected, and don‚Äôt keep your personal data. With our zero-log VPN, you can be sure that your information stays yours at all times.


Protection from geo-blocking

Are you travelling, and can‚Äôt access your Gmail account because of geo-restrictions? No worries! VPN Unlimited will change your IP address so that it will seem like you are accessing your account from home. Our VPN email servers are located in many countries around the world to ensure that, wherever you are, you will always find an available server to connect to.


Secure WiFi

One of the great benefits of VPNs for Gmail is that they let you stay safe while connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. You see, normally free Wi-Fi networks don‚Äôt guarantee a secure and private internet connection. Messages you send via email are not protected from cyber criminals, identity thieves, and other hackers. Which means that all accounts that your email is linked to can be compromised. Social network and bank accounts are especially vulnerable, as they hold a lot of confidential and sensitive information. Ensure your online security with our VPN for free WiFi. VPN Unlimited always provides you with a fast and reliable internet connection wherever you are.

Download and use VPN Unlimited on any device

VPN Unlimited is a great option if you‚Äôd like to stay private and protected, whatever device you‚Äôre using, and whatever network you‚Äôre connected to. Our VPN for Gmail offers easy-to-use apps for all major systems: 

Protect your emails with VPN Unlimited

Make sure your private mail stays that! VPN Unlimited is free to download and use for 7 days, and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee as a bonus. Activate Personal IP right now!