Passwarden - the Best Password Manager

Passwarden® is a password manager - the type of software that conveniently and securely keeps your passwords and other personal information in one location, locked with a master password. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about:

  • Best password managers
  • Most secure password managers
  • Ways to know how secure your password is
  • Are password managers safe
  • How password manager encryption works

Why a Password Manager is Best for Your Security

Password managers are becoming more and more popular in the wake of growing cybersecurity concerns and companies’ inability to secure their customers’ data. It’s no wonder, since best password managers, such as Passwarden, offer significant advantages:

  • Your sensitive information gets thoroughly protected with data encryption
  • The only password you will ever need is Passwarden’s - our app will remember all your other passwords for you
  • The best password managers can create strong passwords based on the settings you determine 
  • The most secure password managers provide extra layers of protection in the form of two-factor authentication, secure sharing, or Passwarden’s proprietary Duress mode

Are password managers safe?

The safest password managers are heavily secured, using data encryption and other means. Using such an app to store your passwords is certainly a better and safer alternative to storing them on a sticky note or in a file on your computer. This way your passwords and documents stay safe and sound in the event of a cyber-attack.

The cybersecurity advantages of the best password managers cannot be overstated. Storing your data in a secured, encrypted environment is a sure way to protect them from getting stolen or modified by unauthorized parties.

How secure is your password?

Do you consider your password secure? How does one even know if their password is secure? There’s a list of characteristics to know this:

  • Length - the longer it is, the better, but in general your password should not be shorter than 8-10 characters.
  • Complexity - a password that includes a combination of characters, numbers, and symbols is much stronger than one made up of dictionary words of the same length.
  • Randomness - your passwords should not contain your personally identifiable information, such as your birthdate or name.

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How to Use Passwarden

Follow this guide to grab your own copy of Passwarden. If you still need help with Passwarden, please check out our Manuals or get in touch at [email protected]


Step 1

Download Passwarden for your device.


Step 2

Create a new KeepSolid ID and use it to sign in Passwarden.


Step 3

Create a master password (make sure to save the recovery methods for the future).


Step 4

Enter your passwords and other information in a Passwarden vault, or use the Migration feature to transfer your data in bulk.

The Issue of Unique Passwords

Another important criterion that defines how secure your password is is its uniqueness. You can have the strongest password in the world, but if you’re using it for all your accounts, it will do you no good. As soon as a data leak occurs on one of the websites you’re using, the hackers will learn the password for all your other profiles. 

Password reuse is a troubling issue, considering how many data leaks and breaches occur each year on websites large and small. Once this happens, cybercriminals get your username, password, and email address combination. They can then try them on other websites, in case you use the same information everywhere. That’s how a single leak can result in all your accounts (including online banking or, say, PayPal) getting compromised.

Regardless, people still reuse passwords

Many users are aware that no password is secure unless it’s unique. And yet, they still fall back on reusing one or two, time and time again. Why is that? Well, it often comes down to basic convenience. Managing dozens or even hundreds of unique AND strong passwords (that is, long, complex, and random ones) may seem downright impossible.

Let Passwarden manage your passwords for you

Password managers are the best way to save all your passwords and securely store them at your arm’s reach. Never lose or forget one again - with Passwarden!

Benefits of Passwarden

Secure master password

A master password is your Passwarden account password. Once you transfer all your data to Passwarden, your master password is the only thing you’ll need to remember - Passwarden will memorize everything else for you. Your sensitive data will be safe and sound, locked behind the master password. 

Military-grade encryption

Passwarden uses end-to-end data encryption with AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols. Such encryption renders your passwords and other sensitive information unreadable to unauthorized parties. No data ever leaves your device unencrypted, meaning that even our employees can’t access it. 

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA works perfectly as an extra security layer for your Passwarden account. After you enable it, every time someone tries to access your account you’ll be emailed a one-time passcode, so that you’re the only one who can enter your account. Even if someone steals your master password, your Passwarden profile will stay secured.

Duress mode

Nothing is more important than your own safety. That’s why if you’re ever forced to turn over your Passwarden account, you will be able to do that and still protect your information - with the Duress mode! Just create a Duress password, use it instead of your master password, and Passwarden will hide your most sensitive data.

Strong passwords generation

Best password managers, like Passwarden, can generate strong passwords on the fly. They will be as long, as complex, and as unique as you need them to be. And then they will automatically be saved to a Passwarden Vault, without you having to do any extra steps or memorize anything. Convenient!

Grab Passwarden now and stay safe!