United States Jurisdiction VPN – How to Benefit from a VPN Based in the USA?

When choosing your perfect VPN provider, you probably pay attention to the jurisdiction of the country where this VPN provider is based. The most common myth about VPN jurisdiction is that the US-based companies can’t provide you with complete anonymity. But is it really so? 

VPN Unlimited, in turn, is an American VPN app, and that’s true that it falls under the US jurisdiction. Our team strongly believes that this country provides our users with one of the greatest jurisdictions for privacy, and now we’re going to prove it to you. In this guide on our best US-based VPN, we answer the following questions:

  • What is the best country for VPN anonymity
  • Is US-based VPN good
  • What is the best jurisdiction for VPN
  • What is the key myth about the US jurisdiction
  • Does VPN Unlimited provide user’s data to the US government
  • What are the benefits of our VPN based in the USA

Busting the Myth About the US VPN Jurisdiction

Numerous VPN providers based in so-called offshore countries see it as their unique selling proposition (USP) and push it as a super-cool feature that makes their app far more anonymous than the American VPN apps. They claim such tax haven countries allows their applications to not have to comply with any legal requests for private data of their users, and so the data is supposedly better protected than with aUnited States VPN company.

However, these statements are no more than a myth based on scarcely available data about state surveillance policies and intelligence-sharing alliances with frightening names, like 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes, etc. What can we reply to all who state that our US-based VPN is not as private as their offshore app is? Here are our arguments proving that United States VPNs can protect your data no worse:

  • Intelligence-sharing between countries is commonplace. Everyone (except for maybe North Korea) shares data. Even offshore countries do so. The only reeason why US is blamed for this so often is that it does so more openly and honestly. 
  • You never know for sure that the country doesn’t do surveillance. For instance, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which is known as a nation comprising a few small islands in the Caribbean Sea, is a popular tax haven. It also turns out to be a British Overseas Territory that falls under the United Kingdom jurisdiction (who is a member of 5 Eyes). There is no guarantee the BVI companies aren’t obliged to provide users’ data to the government.
  • No-log VPN policy matters. Our team takes online anonymity seriously, and so we do not keep logs of our user’s online activities. So it doesn't matter if VPN Unlimited is a USA-based VPN - wee simply hold no data to share with the government!

VPN Unlimited Doesn’t Provide User Data to the US Government

If you still wonder whether our US-based VPN app shares your data with the US government, let us make things clear. Our security solution has a strict zero-logs policy, and so our team can’t provide our users’ data to the US government. Since our app doesn’t keep logs of your online activity, there is simply no data to share with the US government. Choosing our VPN based in the USA, you can be sure your private information will never end up in the wrong hands.

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Key Benefits of the Best USA VPN

No-logs VPN policy

Since VPN Unlimited adheres to the no-log policy, you can be calm that your data remains completely private with our American VPN app. We just don’t keep your data! As a result, if there is nothing to store, there is nothing to share with the government.

Fair and transparent law institutions

One of the greatest things about the US government is the ability to fight back. This country has well-known, fair, and transparent institutions that provide consumers with a “day in court” to assert their rights. Moreover, people in the US are known to have been able to successfully push back on unconstitutional information gathering, which sets a positive precedent.

Streaming servers

Here is a super-cool benefit for all cinephiles and TV shows fans that don’t live in the US or travel a lot. US-based VPN means unlimited access to the US streaming services. Our application is your perfect choice to access the most popular American streaming channels from anywhere. Watch Max, Hulu, Disney+, and a lot more services with our best US-based VPN.

Best US VPN servers

Being an American VPN app , we provide our users with a variety of US VPN servers for every taste. That’s why, when getting our app, you will always have a wide choice of US-based servers that will grant you unmatched performance and access to all and any US websites you need.

FAQ on USA-Based VPN Applications

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