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An IP address is a unique series of numbers (e.g., that identifies your device on the internet. IP itself stands for “Internet Protocol”, which is a set of rules that govern the format of data transmitted via the internet. So, in order for you to freely go online without worrying about being identified and tracked down, you need to spoof your IP address. Let’s discover how you can securely generate an IP address for yourself using our best solution.


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If you want more privacy online as an individual, or you’re a business owner doing market research, first you should mask your IP. Random IP Generators could be a good choice only if you know what you’re doing.

A random IP Generator is a useful tool to make random IP addresses based on the input provided by the user, such as the start range and end range. Some generators offer the user the choice of the country where the desired service is available. Random IP Generator is a web-based online tool that works well on all platforms and devices. They are often used by developers for testing purposes. For instance, a programmer would use random IPs to check whether a browser code runs properly.

If online privacy and security matter to you, you should use a solution that offers more than just the above.


How to change your IP with hiding your actual online ID


It’s important to realize the risks associated with free online tools, since selling your information to advertisers is rampant in services that charge no money to the user. Paid VPN solutions by established software companies are the best alternatives to IP Generators, as they offer a lot more than an IP change. VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and the website, service, or content that you’re trying to access. 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that can be used to protect your traffic on the internet. VPN protects your data and web traffic from unwarranted parties. It masks your actual location and virtually anonymizes you. VPNs can help you bypass geo-restrictions and unblock censored content. A VPN needs several components, namely VPN servers, protocols, and encryption, to deliver its benefits. This security combination ensures the privacy and integrity of your data in and out of your device.

Get anonymous online with VPN Unlimited!

VPN Unlimited uses high-grade AES-256 encryption that reliably safeguards your sensitive info. You can surf the net without worrying a cybercriminal might look over your shoulder. VPN Unlimited helps you avoid monitoring, tracking, and ISP throttling. Your personal information, such as passwords, CC details, and correspondences, will be kept safe, and your browsing will be securely protected.

VPN Unlimited also offers a great feature; Personal IP. This will become your own online ID. It will allow you to share files securely, fast, and with no monitoring involved. A personal IP address gives you great control and performance when sharing files through an activated VPN. You can choose a country, buy your dedicated IP, and get unlimited access to your data from anywhere.

The personal IP is the most secure method to unblock file-sharing services without ever disclosing your true identity or leaking your sensitive info. VPN Unlimited will protect your personal and business data from unauthorized access, and allow you to enjoy indefinite and consistent file sharing. Say goodbye to online censorship and monitoring today!

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