How to Access Binance with a VPN in the US

Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. This trading platform is now available in more than 180 countries across the world. Living in the Binance restricted countries and want to access this platform? Well, VPN is exactly what you need!

Try out our best VPN for Binance and explore all its benefits:

  • Improve your security when dealing with financial data
  • Protect your confidentiality and anonymity on the internet
  • Get around VPN blocks and overcome online roadblocks

Note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Take advantage of  a secure and unrestricted online experience with VPN Unlimited!

Using Binance with VPN: what benefits can you get

The first and foremost reason to use VPN for crypto trading is to keep your online activities safe from the prying eyes of hackers, snoopers, and government agencies. To ensure no one could tie your internet activities to your real-life identity, VPN Unlimited implements military-grade AES-256 encryption, SOCKS5 proxy technology, and the IP masking feature. As a result, you can buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies and be confident about your online privacy and safety.

The next reason to use Virtual Private Network is getting unrestricted access to any trading platform. Thanks to the IP masking feature and more than 3000 high-speed virtual servers all around the world, you can easily conceal your actual IP address and fake your geo-location. To do that, simply connect to the appropriate virtual server that is located in the desired location and that’s it!

How does our reliable Binance VPN solution work

Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is a kind of security software that aims to safeguard your valuable data and keep you away from any online threats.


To provide our customers with top-level protection, VPN Unlimited implements the following tasks:


  • Firstly, our reliably VPN client creates a secure virtual tunnel between your device and a chosen VPN server. From now on, all your web traffic is going to be routed through this impenetrable tunnel. As a result, any third parties couldn’t intercept your data or monitor your online activities.
  • Secondly, our Binance VPN solution scrambles both the incoming and outgoing traffic of your device and makes it completely untraceable for any third-parties. Thanks to the bulletproof AES 256-bit encryption, you can be sure that whatever information you share over the internet is going to be safe.
  • Finally, VPN Unlimited hides your real IP address and replaces it with the IP address of the virtual server you are connected to. This enables you to get around geo-restrictions, bypass government censorship, and unlock Binance from any part of the world.

How to access Binance in the US with a VPN Unlimited

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to unlock Binance cryptocurrency exchange from any part of the world.


Download VPN Unlimited

on your device


Log in using your KeepSolid ID

or create a new one


Establish VPN connection

and enjoy online freedom

VPN Unlimited features for anonymous crypto trading

Internet Kill Switch option

The Kill Switch feature constantly monitors your VPN connection status and in case there are any failures or disruptions, it shuts down your internet connection. This feature prevents possible exposure of your personal information, such as IP address, your real geo-location, search history, and other sensitive data. Without the Kill Switch option enabled, you may not even notice that you are no longer under VPN protection and continue browsing the web as if nothing happened.

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KeepSolid Wise protocol

KeepSolid Wise is a top-notch protocol developed by KeepSolid Inc. This protocol provides even stronger protection of your data and helps to bypass any online restrictions and even get around VPN blocking. 

To benefit from VPN in the networks where its usage is blocked, enable the KeepSolid Wise protocol. To do that, navigate to the Settings tab > Protocols, and select KeepSolid Wise.

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Personal static IP address

In addition to a variety of privacy and anonymity features, VPN Unlimited offers an extra layer of security - a personal unique IP address.

Get it right now and check how static IP address benefits work for your convenience and security on the web:

  • A clean unique IP address of the chosen country (no one could understand that it is a VPN server address)
  • Boosted protection level 
  • Fastest possible connection speed
  • Pure online reputation
  • Unrestricted access to the internet
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Boost your online privacy with VPN Unlimited

  • Secure your sensitive data with the top-notch AES-256 encryption algorithm
  • Get protected while using unsecured networks, such as public WiFi hotspots
  • Bypass geo-restrictions and get unrestricted access to all trading platforms
  • Choose from 3000+ Virtual Private Network servers in 80+ locations globally
  • Enjoy some extra features, like Static IP address or Personal VPN server
  • It is possible to upgrade to a VPN Lifetime subscription

Why VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for Binance

Top-notch online security

VPN Unlimited negates any chance of any unauthorized parties intercepting or decoding your internet traffic. Therefore, you can freely send any kind of data over the web without any worries.

Convenient terms and pricing

With our reliable VPN client, you can protect up to 5 or even 10 different devices (depending on your subscription) via a single account. To the top of it, VPN Unlimited is available for macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and as a browser extension.

3000+ virtual servers in 80+ locations

VPN Unlimited enables you to virtually travel all around the world in a matter of seconds. Connect to the desired server location, replace your real IP address with a virtual one, and conceal your actual geo-location. Now you are free to bypass any internet restrictions.

Gain access to any online services

Bypass geo-blocking and get around internet censorship on your way to the best internet content. Unlock any online services that were previously unavailable in your country with a single click of a button.

Ready to give it a try?

Explore protected and secured web browsing with VPN Unlimited. Download our top-notch VPN solution and start your anonymous internet journey right now!