What Does a VPN Hide

Change your location and shop cheaper with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited
Change your location and shop cheaper with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Nowadays, most people spend their time on the internet. Usually, daily users and private companies carry out all their important transactions over the internet. This makes the concept of security more important than ever before in our lives. Virtual Private Network is one of the first protection layers that come to mind when it comes to security. The tool we call VPN employs numerous distinctive protocols and technologies together.

A secure tunnel is set up by encrypting the communication between one computer and the other remote computer. It is one of the irreplaceable components of today's cyber age. In case you need to know more about this great service that one-ups the standard security measures and provides an additional level of protection, you can read this article to get to know about what a VPN hides.

We, as VPN Unlimited, offer you many features that other companies cannot offer, without compromising our high-speed and high-security priorities. Well, what does a VPN hide actually? Let’s check it out now.

How VPN Can Safe Your Data

Apart from the critical information we have, our every move on the internet also creates data. Hiding both your private data and your online activities is now a necessity, as many malicious users exist. However, we are sure that you are wondering, for example, can VPN hide your location, and is it secure? Definitely, yes!

Normally, your router gives you a connection when you are online. It tracks you through your IP and then your location and history go through your internet service provider's servers; therefore, cybercriminals can see and put down everything you do on the internet.

You may trust your connection, but it can always give your information to other people, the government, the police, etc. Your ISP is also vulnerable to security breaches, because if they are compromised, your personal and sensitive data may be exposed.

How Does a VPN Function Work

If you frequently connect to open WiFi networks, you could never know who can monitor your internet traffic and what they can steal from you (e.g. payment data, ID, personal information, login information).

But things go differently when you use a VPN that assigns you the untraceable IP it uses in its own services, not the private IP assigned to you by the internet service you use. So, when you go to the internet using VPN, the server provided turns into your IP. This stops your ISP or others from watching your online activity. It encrypts all the information you send and receive. Even if anyone gets hold of this data, they cannot use it. Also, a VPN hides your location, completely!

The most important thing to keep in mind about Virtual Private Networks is that their first duty is to hide your IP address. So, when you use it, you make your own IP invisible and no sensitive data will be exposed because you will never be tracked by anyone. Even VPN Unlimited workers can not get information about you. So, your personal information, financial information, and content that you send to websites will be secure with our best VPN solution.

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