VPN Unlimited vs. VPN Concentrator

Are you comparing different Virtual Private Networks to decide which one to use? Discover the differences between our solution and VPN Concentrator, including price, features, and more.

A Brief Description of VPN Concentrator

A Virtual Private Network Concentrator is a networking device that makes it possible for various independent tunnels to connect to a single network. It enables the connection to travel across any given network and not get intercepted and viewed by unwelcome parties, thanks to its advanced protocols and algorithms. VPN Concentrators are designed to securely manage Virtual Private Network infrastructures between TCP or IP networks in a multi-user environment.

VPN concentrators are adopted by businesses and companies (who can afford VPN concentrator prices) that work in multiple systems and are connected via a network. This link can be a public network such as the internet or a private one like a landline. These devices work as a router but add another layer of security onto the inbound and outbound traffic.

Differences between Our Virtual Private Network and VPN Concentrators in Terms of Data Security

If a business doesn’t secure its running networks, hackers will infiltrate to set up malware or steal private information. VPN concentrators offer Scalable Encryption Processing (SEP) modules for enterprises. On the other hand, VPN Unlimited implements military-level AES-256 encryption that scrambles the data and makes it difficult to decipher for cybercriminals. Also, our app features two-factor authentication to build an extra level of security for your data.

How Many Users Do VPN Unlimited and VPN Concentrator Support

A VPN concentrator can support thousands of users. It can operate at the core of a small business, with remote users connecting to the Virtual Private Network. It is also indispensable for corporations and organizations, handling over 10,000 users efficiently. A VPN concentrator will redirect and reshape the network for the user. With the app from KeepSolid, you can get 5-10 devices protected with a single subscription. You can always increase the number of protected devices by upgrading your subscription plan and getting any desired number of additional slots for your devices.


How Does VPN Unlimited Differ from VPN Concentrator in Terms of Price

VPN concentrator price policy is quite important here. Excluding the devices that medium and large corporations implement, a home-use VPN concentrator price revolves around $200. You can purchase a VPN Unlimited Lifetime subscription and get much more for less. Feel free to check out our Pricing page to find out about our subscription plans and price, and frequently check our website for occasional promotions and special deals.

Why VPN Unlimited Is Better Alternative to VPN Concentrator


Zero-log policy

Ensuring whether your Virtual Private Network solution stores your logs is crucial. The app from KeepSolid does not keep your activity logs. Therefore, if we are ever obliged by authorities to provide information about our users, we have nothing to report on you.

Free trial and refund guarantee

Our solution provides a full-featured free trial for 7 days to see if it’s the right fit for you. Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with our service within a month, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! We shouldn’t forget that the VPN Concentrator price is more expensive.

Available platforms

All major platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux) support VPN Unlimited. Thus you can use it on all your devices. It’s also available for setup on your router. If your router doesn’t support our solution, you can try upgrading the firmware if applicable. You can also download our extension to your favorite browser and secure its traffic while browsing hassle-free.

Customer support

We offer 24/7 customer support. Our friendly live chat is also available. Simply click on the Contact Us link and get help immediately. You can always write to us at [email protected]. We are happy to help you with any questions related to our Virtual Private Network solution.

Over 3000 servers in more than 80 locations

Our app makes it possible for you to virtually travel from your actual location to any of the 80+ places by connecting to the appropriate server. Be sure to see the list of our servers and locations here.

Cybersecurity bundle

VPN Unlimited is a component of the MonoDefense security bundle which combines several valuable and handy applications that offer total protection, an advanced online experience, and a password manager.

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