IP Addresses You Should Never Use in Private Networks

An internet protocol, which is more commonly referred to as an IP address, is a particular address that is used to recognize a device or network. This address differentiates between your device and any others on a network. So, therefore, it permits data to travel from one device to another. 

IP addresses contain a set of 4 numbers that are separated by a period. To illustrate, an IP address would look something like xx.xxx.x.xx.xx, where the x represents any number from 0 to 255. 

Your IP address will differ depending on the network you are connected to, and therefore it will change when connected to your wifi at home vs when you are connected to the company network at work. Data from the internet travel through your network to reach your device.


Range of IP addresses for private networks

The IP address of a private network should fall within one of the following ranges:

  • and
  • and
  • and

If the IP address is outside of these ranges, it should not be used in private networks.


Why you need to protect your IP address

There are various ways in which hackers and cybercriminals can get your IP address if you don’t protect yourself. Your IP address can be found by simply stalking you online. If your IP address is found, a hacker can use it to commit online crimes, such as downloading illegal content, that will be traced back to your device and essentially back to you. Your device and online accounts can be hacked, this allows spies to gather your information and share content via your accounts. Your IP address can reveal your physical location, this could put you at risk of being robbed.


How using a VPN can protect your IP address


Virtual private networks are an excellent way to protect yourself online by concealing your IP address. To use a VPN, you will need to link your device to a server in a different place. When you are linked to a VPN server, all your online data is directed via a secure connection between your device and the server. 

It will appear as though you are connected to the network on the server. This ensures that your IP address is kept out of danger from hackers. 

How VPN Unlimited keeps your IP address safe

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