Finding Best VPN App: Yoga VPN vs. VPN Unlimited Review

Nowadays, there are many Virtual Private Network apps with different sets of features and security measures. In this piece, we are going to review VPN Unlimited and Yoga VPN solutions. What is Yoga VPN? Is Yoga VPN safe? Is VPN Unlimited a credible alternative to this app? Keep reading to find answers to all these questions!

Detailed Comparison Table: VPN Unlimited vs. Yoga VPN


VPN Unlimited

Yoga VPN

WireGuard® protocol
OpenVPN® protocol
Encryption strength AES 256-bit
No-log policy
VoIP services unblocker
Access to BBC iPlayer
# of locations 80+ 80+
# of servers 3000+ 500+
P2P downloading (torrenting)
Kill Switch feature
Works in China and UAE countries
iOS/Android support
macOS/Windows/Linux support
Router support
No registration required Guest mode
No in-app ads
24/7 support
Rating: 5 3

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Which VPN to Choose: Yoga VPN vs. VPN Unlimited Review

According to the comparison table above, VPN Unlimited beats out the Yoga VPN app in several essential aspects. Our credible alternative offers P2P downloading, provides the Kill Switch feature, implements much more virtual protocols, and is compatible with all popular operating systems, routers, and browsers.


Data protection

Yoga VPN doesn’t provide any information regarding encryption strength. One can only hope that your data is protected and kept safe.

Our credible Yoga VPN alternative, in turn, utilizes the bulletproof AES-256 encryption that reliably scrambles the internet traffic of your device and makes it untraceable for any unauthorized parties.

Supported platforms

As you can see from our detailed comparison table, the Yoga VPN application is available for iOS and Android devices only.

VPN Unlimited is compatible with a broader range of devices and operating systems - including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, browsers, WiFi routers, gaming consoles, and streaming devices.

Terms and pricing

There is no Yoga VPN Premium subscription; only the free plan is available. However, most free solutions slow down connection speeds considerably, don't provide reliable encryption, and offer a modest set of security features. Do you think your online privacy is worthless?

Get a $4.99 per month VPN Unlimited subscription and enjoy the perfect Internet experience!

Servers and locations

Both Virtual Private Networks offer 3000+ servers in more than 80 locations worldwide. Connect to the desired server location, mask your actual IP address, and start your private online journey.

Beyond that, the KeepSolid solution has dedicated servers for torrenting that ensure smooth and anonymous P2P downloading.

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How to Protect Yourself on the Web

Getting started with a clear winner of this Virtual Private Network comparison is as easy as A-B-C!



Create an account
or sign in with an existing one


Establish a secure virtual connection

FAQ on Using the Yoga VPN App and Its Credible Alternative

Why do you need a Virtual Private Network?

  • To improve your online privacy and confidentiality
  • To protect online activities and sensitive information
  • To gain unrestricted access to any geo-blocked content
  • To stay protected while using public WiFi hotspots
  • To conceal your actual IP address with a virtual one

Is Yoga VPN safe?

Compared to its alternative, Yoga VPN isn’t that secure. First of all, there is no information about its data encryption and security algorithms.

Secondly, there is no Kill Switch feature supposed to protect your data from accidentally getting leaked. 

And finally, according to its Privacy policy, this service collects your non-personal information, including your device data, operation system, and logs.

How to use Yoga VPN? Does working with VPN Unlimited differ?

Both apps provide their customers with a user-friendly one-button interface. Yoga VPN requires no registration, so all you need to do is launch the app and establish a virtual connection.

VPN Unlimited implements the Fast Login feature to make the login process more secure and easy to use. Launch the app, enter your email address, and paste the code sent to your email. Our security solution also offers the Guest mode for users who hesitate to create an account.

It seems like VPN Unlimited doesn’t work on my device...

You don’t have to worry! 

Contact our friendly customer support team via [email protected], and we’ll do our best to help you with any issue you may face.

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Is VPN Unlimited a credible Yoga VPN alternative? - Yes, for sure! Download it on your device and see for yourself.