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Whitelisting Trusted Networks in KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®

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What is the Trusted Network feature?

The trusted networks feature allows you to whitelist the WiFi networks you consider completely secure. The result? VPN connection will be automatically disabled while on the trusted internet connections. You may ask: VPN software protects my online activities, why would I ever wish to disable it? The answers might prove not so obvious, so let’s check out some of the most tangible cases.

Preserve access to LAN device

When connected to a VPN server, you may lose access to other devices in your local area network (LAN), if any. That is caused by VPN software changing your real IP address to a virtual one, leading to you no longer being recognized as a part of, and allowed in, your local network.

Sure your network is secure, and need constant access to your LAN devices, e.g. a printer? Then whitelist this secure network and VPN connection will be disabled automatically. It is far more convenient than manually disabling/enabling VPN connection on each occasion.

Avoid speed loss

Another benefit you gain by whitelisting trusted networks is avoiding speed loss. Let’s be honest, using a VPN does affect connection speed. The very fact that the data is encrypted by a VPN service inevitably reduces the speed to some extent. Besides that, it also depends on such factors as VPN server workload, the distance from you to the server, and possible throttling of VPN protocols by ISPs. To speed up your VPN connection, check out this instruction.

Note, that the speed loss is generally compensated by such undeniable benefits as data privacy and enhanced security. However, if your network is already secure and private, why damage the speed? Just whitelist it and enjoy your online experience to full extent.

To recap - do you need Trusted Networks?

Whitelist a network if:
  • The network is completely secure
  • You don’t need to hide your activities from ISP
  • There is no geo-blocking
Don’t whitelist a network if:
  • It’s an unsecured public WiFi
  • You want to avoid ISP surveillance
  • You need to bypass geo-restrictions

How to whitelist secure networks

The process of whitelisting networks is quite similar in all versions of the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® app. So, choose your platform and let’s get started!




Windows 7 and higher

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