VPN Unlimited and Thunder VPN Review

Plenty of providers can protect your online traffic and hide your IP address. But there are not so many solutions that can protect you on different platforms. So let’s have a review of Thunder VPN app and VPN Unlimited and compare their pros and cons.

VPN Unlimited vs Thunder VPN Review


VPN Unlimited

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN

Number of  locations  80+ locations 18 locations
Encryption AES-256 256-bit
Kill Switch
Logging policy No Logs Logs user data
User-Friendly Interface
Safe Protocols OpenVPN®, IKEv2, L2TP, TLS, WireGuard® SSL protocol
Unblocks Streaming Services
Supports Torrenting
Customer Support
Lifetime Plan
Pricing ($/mo) $9.99 $10.99
Trial Period
Money-back guarantee
Rating: 5 1.5

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Is Thunder VPN Good?

Thunder VPN app is one of the services declaring secure and anonymous browsing on the internet. But is Thunder VPN safe? Let’s check out how good Thunder VPN is. Thunder VPN is free and it claims to offer complete online protection without any charges. 

But, usually, free things come with hidden costs. Thunder VPN is an Android-only app, not available for other platforms. Though its interface is user-friendly, you will not find any necessary settings. You can only turn on auto-connect, save the previous server, or turn off notifications.

Having pretty good speed, Thunder VPN is not safe enough. It uses the outdated SSL encryption protocol, more vulnerable to attacks. For example, VPN Unlimited implements more up-to-date and safe protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, TLS, and WireGuard.  

Thunder VPN has no Kill Switch as many standard providers in the market do. This feature is important for hiding your IP address, as it automatically stops your internet access if your server connection fails.

Privacy is not the strong point of Thunder VPN as well. When you download the Thunder VPN app you give a permit to collect the following information: IP address, email, OS Version, ISP details, network state, data transfer, etc. VPN Unlimited doesn’t collect any logs, so your personal data will not fall into the hands of third parties. 

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Is Thunder VPN Safe?

Thunder VPN offers some security features, but all of them are pretty basic. And all the safety it manages to provide gets outweighed by its security flaws. Let’s compare the pros and cons of Thunder VPN safety.


What makes Thunder VPN safe

  1. It is capable of 256-bit data encryption, which offers decent protection against brute-force attacks
  2. It operates under SSL VPN protocol, which has certain security benefits


What makes Thunder VPN unsafe

  1. It doesn’t specify which 256-bit encryption protocol it uses. This most likely means that, firstly, Thunder VPN’s specific protocol is nothing to write home about, so how safe is Thunder VPN then. And secondly, that this app doesn’t use AES-256, which is considered an industry standard and can truly ensure your safety.
  2. Thunder VPN logs user data, meaning that if they are forced to handle it (e.g. to police) - all your activities under the VPN will become public. This alone renders any other Thunder VPN’s safety measures futile.
  3. Thunder VPN doesn’t offer a selection of safe VPN protocols. Unlike VPN Unlimited which allows you to use OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, TLS, WireGuard and to switch them on the fly, when using Thunder VPN you’re stuck with SSL only.

As you can see, the question Is Thunder VPN safe? is easy to answer with a strong No.

KeepSolid’s Solution - Good Alternative to Thunder VPN App

Have you checked out our Thunder VPN review? Security aspects of the app are rather questionable, aren’t they? Luckily, our solution can offer better security and essential features at a lower price. Download our safe app and see for yourself. 

Protocols and Security

Security of our solution is guaranteed by the most secure protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard, etc. VPN Unlimited implements the optimal protocol by default, but you can always choose any other safe protocol in your settings. Choose IPsec or IKEv2 if you need a good high-speed connection or connect with OpenVPN or WireGuard if you prioritize security.

Privacy and No-Log Policy

KeepSolid offers good tools to protect your privacy. But the easiest way to avoid data leaks is not to keep this data. Thanks to our No-Log policy, your online activities are not associated with your credentials, IP address, or network details. You can check out a review of our No-Log Policy here if you worry about your sensitive data.

VPN Servers and Geographic Restrictions

VPN Unlimited is a perfect solution for bypassing geographic restrictions. You can get access to any content wherever you are, by choosing a relevant server. Unblock Disney Plus or BBC, or enjoy shopping with regional prices. 

Customer Support

If you face any issues using our safe app you can always contact our customer support via [email protected]. We are always ready to help you and answer your questions concerning our solution. You can also learn how to set up our application on different platforms and have a review of all the benefits here. Our knowledge base is massive!

FAQ on Thunder VPN App

Is Thunder VPN safe?

SSL protocol, implemented in Thunder VPN is rather basic and can be used for light web surfing. It is always better to find a more solid solution like VPN Unlimited.

Can Thunder VPN app unblock streaming services?

No. You won’t unblock US-exclusive shows with Thunder VPN. But you can get access to American streaming libraries with VPN Unlimited. Just connect to a relevant server and enjoy favorite shows wherever you are.

Will Thunder VPN slow my speeds down?

Yes, your connection speed will be reduced with Thunder VPN. This happens due to how the VPN technology operates. But you can check out our alternative with lightning-speed servers and keep your speed losses to a minimum. 

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