VPN Unlimited vs. Avast SecureLine VPN Review

Should I use Avast SecureLine VPN? Or should I better choose VPN Unlimited - its credible alternative? Our detailed comparison is going to answer these questions. Let’s compare reliable Virtual Private Networks by:

Compare Best VPNs: VPN Unlimited vs. Avast SecureLine VPN


VPN Unlimited

Avast SecureLine VPN

Two-factor authentication
256-bit AES encryption
Zero-log policy
WireGuard protocol
OpenVPN protocol
# of servers 3000+ 700+
# of locations 80+ 34+
P2P servers
Kill Switch feature
Trusted Networks
# of simultaneous connections 5-10 10
iOS / Android support
macOS / Windows support
Router support
Access to BBC iPlayer / Disney Plus
Access to Max / Hulu
$ / month (annual subscription) 5 4.59
7-day free trial
Anonymous payment options
30-day money-back guarantee
Rating: 5 4

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Avast SecureLine VPN Compared to VPN Unlimited: Who Is the Winner

As you can see from the detailed comparison table above, VPN Unlimited defeats the Avast VPN app. Our security solution utilizes the WireGuard® protocol, supports routers, provides anonymous payments options, and more.

Server locations

Avast SecureLine VPN offers one-third fewer servers in significantly fewer locations. It does not provide servers in Argentina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and other countries.

VPN Unlimited and Avast VPN have dedicated P2P servers that ensure anonymous and lightning-fast torrenting despite possible country or network restrictions.

Security features

Our team does its best to provide you with the highest level of internet security. 

We implement the Kill Switch feature to prevent any unforeseen data leaks (Avast VPN also has this option), a Static IP address to keep your online reputation under your control, a Personal server to boost your connection speed, and some other features.

Online privacy

Both the compared solutions implement the military-grade AES-256 encryption, enforce a strict no-log policy, and employ two-factor authentication. All these measures ensure your online activities and identity are away from the prying eyes of any third parties.

In addition, our Virtual Private Network applies the bulletproof WireGuard protocol that is considered as one of the safest, speedy, and easy-to-use protocols in the industry.

Supported devices

These Virtual Private Networks are available for mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop (macOS, Windows) devices. Beyond that, you can manually configure VPN Unlimited on routers, smart TVs, streaming video devices, and game consoles.

According to the comparison table, the reviewed apps support up to 10 simultaneous connections. The KeepSolid solution also allows you to extend this number to as many devices as you need.

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Connect to the desired server location
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