VPN Unlimited vs TigerVPN Review

Today, we review TigerVPN and VPN Unlimited to see which one offers better terms, features, and service. Join us to learn everything about VPN Unlimited vs TigerVPN!

VPN Unlimited vs TigerVPN Review Table


VPN Unlimited


Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Phone, browsers, streaming consoles, WiFi routers, NAS Windows, macOS, Android
# of Servers 3000+ 300
# of Server Locations 80+ 60
No-Log Policy
AES-256 Encryption
Servers for P2P download
Dedicated Streaming Servers

Free Trial 7 days
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Price per Month $9.99 $11.99
Accepts Cryptocurrency
Devices per Account Up to 10 2
24/7 Live Support
Rating: 5 1.5

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More About VPN Unlimited vs TigerVPN Review

It’s clear now that VPN Unlimited outranks TigerVPN by a wide margin. There isn’t really any competition between the two - from user privacy to the availability of a free trial, TigerVPN is outmatched by VPN Unlimited.


Internet security

This aspect is the one where TigerVPN actually has something to offer. This solution supports the industry-standard AES-256 encryption and enforces a no-log policy. These two features are very important when it comes to cybersecurity. Too bad that, unlike VPN Unlimited, TigerVPN doesn’t support WireGuard, which is the newest and the best Virtual Private Network protocol.


Unfortunately, security is where TigerVPN’s strengths begin and end. When it comes to privacy and anonymity, this app has little to offer. It has a few Virtual Private Network servers located in a variety of regions, but they are less in number than what VPN Unlimited offers. In addition, TigerVPN doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, which significantly jeopardizes your anonymity.

Online freedom

Another drawback that comes as a result of the lack of Virtual Private Network servers is that you are that much less capable to access blocked online content. Not to mention, TigerVPN doesn’t offer dedicated servers for streaming or torrenting. In contrast, VPN Unlimited provides servers that are specifically designed to unblock streaming channels and P2P downloads regardless of any censorship.


This is where VPN Unlimited really shines. It is available on pretty much any internet-capable device - mobile, desktop, streaming consoles, etc. And if you set up our Virtual Private Network on a WiFi router, any devices connected to it will tap into the benefits of VPN Unlimited, even if the app can’t be installed on them directly. Also, as opposed to TigerVPN, a free trial and money-back guarantee are available with VPN Unlimited.

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How to Use VPN Unlimited

Thanks to the free trial, our TigerVPN alternative is super easy to adopt:


Download VPN Unlimited
on your device for free


Create a new account
or sign in with an existing one


Connect to any server
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