Multi-Protocol VPN Unlimited and Why You Need It

Choosing the best VPN protocols for your purposes can be a real headache. But anyway, it is necessary. Generally, there are two different types of VPN protocols. The first one is the best for security. The other suggests better speed. Choosing a VPN protocol the main thing is to find a balance between both.

Luckily, VPN Unlimited is a multi-protocol service. It suggests a set of various protocols. You can choose any for your purposes: swift one for streaming and torrenting, and secure - for messaging and browsing. 

  • What is a multi-protocol VPN?
  • Why do you need different VPN protocols if you’re only going to use one?
  • What are the best VPN protocols for different purposes?
  • What type of VPN protocols should you use?

What is a Multi-Protocol VPN

A multi-protocol VPN is a VPN service that offers users more than one VPN protocol to choose from. A single-protocol VPN, on the other hand, only supports a single VPN protocol, which is most often defined by either limited resources or the design philosophy. 

If you were wondering what VPN you should use, the multi-protocol one will be the answer most of the time. Such apps are truly versatile, providing you the freedom to decide what aspects of VPN software is more important to you at any given moment, and focus on it to maximize its efficiency. You can choose it for any purpose: streaming, messaging, torrenting or gaming.

How VPN Protocols Work - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®

Why you need different VPN protocols in one app

Having multiple types of VPN protocols will always be a great benefit due to the flexibility and the number of options this provides. 

To capitalize on VPN protocols’ strengths

Different VPN protocols are good for different reasons (except for the obsolete protocols like PPTP). Knowing what your VPN type is and which VPN protocol you should use for which task will greatly improve your browsing experience and online security.

Here are some examples of VPN protocols available in VPN Unlimited and when to use them:

WireGuard - the general consensus is that this VPN protocol will soon become the best VPN for any needs, from security to streaming and torrenting (in many respects, it already is). However, WireGuard is currently still in beta, so VPN Unlimited is one of the few VPNs that support it. Also, considering it’s still in development, some people may prefer to turn to other, time-tested VPN protocols for now.

OpenVPN - a highly secure VPN protocol that’s also quite difficult to track. This makes OpenVPN a nice option for a general use protocol when there’s a possibility that your VPN connection might get blocked in a network.

IKEv2 - one of the best VPN protocols for mobile devices due to its speed, lightweight, and reliability. If you wish to stay secure and private while torrenting or gaming, this protocol will suit your needs best.

KeepSolid Wise - our proprietary protocol that further develops the ideas behind OpenVPN. It was specifically designed to work in networks where Virtual Private Networks are normally restricted.

To prevent accidental VPN blocking

Different VPN protocols use different ports to establish a secure connection to networks. Most often, the reason for this is purely technical - particular ports work better for particular procedures. However, not all ports are born equal. Network administrators can easily block ports at their discretion, and many do (usually - to avoid dangers or issues associated with specific ports). 

If your only protocol’s port is blocked in a network you’ll have to either disable it to access the network or look for a service with a different protocol. Or, you know, just use a multi-protocol VPN Unlimited and switch protocols on the fly as you see fit!

To avoid issues with specific protocols

VPN protocols are not set in stone. Their developers are constantly tweaking, updating, and improving them; they also exist in an ever-shifting software environment. Unfortunately, sometimes this may result in unexpected bugs, malfunctions, or compatibility issues. 

Sure, any VPN protocol issues are likely to get fixed in future patches, but you need your Virtual Private Network up and running now, don’t you? That’s where having access to different types of protocols in one app shall come in handy once again. Just switch to a different VPN protocol and go on your merry way!

Check out our multi-protocol VPN Unlimited and choose the VPN protocol you need!

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Different VPN protocols available in VPN Unlimited

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