Is Surfshark a Good VPN

Surfing the internet safely and bypassing blocked or restricted websites is crucial for everyone, especially travelers who move from one country to another. Your priorities are high speed, safety and security, and most importantly privacy. A VPN is a service that will provide you with all of that. However, there are hundreds and thousands of them out there, two of which are VPN Unlimited and Surfshark VPN. In the following article, we will compare the two of them to show you their differences and similarities and see if Surfshark is a good VPN that you can make the right choice and choose the one that will meet your needs.

Comparison Table of Services: Surfshark VPN vs VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited

Is Surfshark a Good VPN

Surfshark VPN

OpenVPN Protocol
Wireguard Protocol 
PPTP Protocol
L2TP Protocol
SSTP Protocol
Linux Support 
Strength of Encryption  AES-256 AES-256
Dedicated IP 
Personal server 
Locations  80+ 100+
Accepts Cryptocurrency 
Accepts cash 
Annual subscription
Lifetime subscription 
Free trial 
Refund Period  30 days 30 days
Rating: 5 3.5

Is Surfshark a Good VPN

There is no doubt that Surfshark VPN will be able to serve you well. However, based on some reviews written by users, it is not always reliable. Some of them complained about having troubles with speed and even with their refund. Furthermore, according to the comparison conducted above, Surfshark lacks many important features that will ensure the safety of each user, privacy, and protection on the internet.

That is why we recommend you to use VPN Unlimited. It is the clear winner in the comparison conducted above. They have more benefits in different and very essential aspects such as protocols and subscriptions.

Why Everyone Needs a Good VPN

Before choosing which one to use, it is important to understand why you may need one. In a world where cyber threats are more and more dangerous, it is important to stay well protected and safe from all sorts of threats that might jeopardize your safety and data and do everything in your power to ensure a safe internet browsing and that is exactly what it does. Here are some of the dangers that a VPN can protect you from.

Unsafe public WiFi

Free public wifi can be tempting for everyone. Nevertheless, they are usually not safe and not protected which attracts a huge number of hackers and cybercriminals.

Habit tracking

Third parties can track your habits and activities and create a profile about you and can use it to influence your decision-making.


Network providers, the government, or other private networks might censor or block content that you have the right to access.


Your data is never safe. There are a lot of people out there who want to get their hands on your personal information and do everything they can to get them.

Restrictions based on location

Some content providers block their content from different countries, regions and specific areas and you will not have access to it with a local network or IP address.

Pricing based on location

Some marketers fix their prices based on the customers' location. They set higher prices for richer countries which is not fair at all.

Set up Yours Now

Setting it up is extremely easy. All you have to do is the following:

Ensure your protection on the Internet now

Download our good VPN solution now and stay safe.

The Best VPN for 2023

Based on the comparison and the public’s reviews, Surfshark is a good VPN but VPN Unlimited has a lot more to offer and has a lot of protocols to protect you from all of the dangers mentioned above and to make sure that you are browsing your internet safely, away from all those threats. Here are other advantages that VPN Unlimited has to offer:

Security for your data

With AES-256 encryption, all of your personal data and information are inaccessible and undecipherable to any hacker, cybercriminal, or third party.

Safety and security

By connecting to one of our servers, it will hide your IP and replace it with one of our IP servers so that you stay anonymous. This action will make sure that no one can know or see your activity online.

Bypass restrictions

A lot of content can be restricted in certain regions or even countries such as China. Our provided services will let you bypass any geo-restriction so that you can have access to any content you desire.

Good prices and terms

You can benefit from various subscription options in order to take advantage of all of the services and offers. Moreover, you can use an unlimited device for each account so you do not feel limited to using it on just your phone or your laptop.

Ensure your protection on the Internet now!

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